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“I communicate with a horse in what I call the Language of Equus; a silent language of gestures that is predictable and effective. Now you can learn from my videos, audio and notes to help you understand the horse as I do. This language is really quite simple, but simplicity becomes its greatest strength.” ~ Monty

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Join-Up as you have never seen it before. Mounting block lessons that will amaze your friends … Show Jumping with Olympic Gold Medalist Will Simpson and Monty in Wellington Florida …. Ada Gates and Monty explore Farrier mastery … Charlotte Bredahl and Westpoint demonstrate championship Dressage in Monty’s arena at Flag Is Up Farms … Richard Winters and Monty share Western Reining tips … and more!

Solve bad habits and learn training tips from the best! New lessons are added every week.

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“If EQUUS online university was available when I was starting my career
I would have saved years on the learning curve!” ~Monty

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Who is it for?
Everyone! Young and old! There are lessons for children, adults, professionals and amateurs. Monty says “Adrenalin up, learning down. Adrenalin down, learning up.” Monty will give you the knowledge to convey to your horse a calm, confident leadership. This learning environment will have huge benefits for the non-equestrian as well. See your relationships at home and at work improve, just because you begin to be aware of how you communicate. The whole format is very easy to use, even if computers aren’t your thing!

What was Monty’s dream?
“My desire has always been to have the maximum positive affect on you and your horse. In 2004 we began filming thousands of hours of my problem solving demonstrations to be able to launch this tool in 2009 and share these skills with the world.

I am fortunate to be able to teach people, on every continent, to have better communication skills with their horses. I have learned what a horse needs in order to trust you and to be a Willing Partner. And I want to share these skills with you.” ~Monty

What does it cost?
Monty priced his Uni for everyone to be able to afford it. It is only $59.99 for a six-month subscription or you can choose the twelve month option at $99.99 for unlimited access to a wealth of information from arguably the world’s best horse trainer.

What will I learn?
No matter what your background with horses, Monty guarantees that his ideas and techniques will change how you and your horse learn. Monty created a hugely varied syllabus that he is constantly adding to as he trains new horses and has breakthrough ideas. There is a new lesson added EVERY week! See below in great detail.

What are students saying about
Equus Online University?

“It is thanks to Monty’s join-up and university lessons that my nervous horse, 9 year, mare, ex-racehorse, two months with me, now: follows me when I want to take her out of the field, without a rope! She just keeps following me! I am astonished! … I tell everyone about the university when they observe that my horse has changed so much in such a short time. Thanks for everything, I will help you spread your non-violent message!”- Jessica

“Thanks again for this terrific opportunity learning the communication secrets of the equine on-line. This was money and time well spent. I can’t thank you enough.”- morsemaryjo

“The whole uni platform is perfectly presented, easy and very interesting to use. The audios are so so precious to me. Thank you for adding them!”- Vio

“What a fantastic job you have done with the Equus Online University.” – Executive Director, Horse Radio Network

For those of us who learn differently it is very helpful to be able to have your wonderful information in multiple formats, visual, audible and written.” – Ekat

“Dear Monty and team! You make me so happy with your lessons! I use it every time a question arises in my mind. I have the question, you the answer!” With kind regards, Jessica L.

...many thanks for a very good work on this university site, it's very easy to navigate and I think it's good idea that
you “select“ the courses for me so that I don't rush things ;o)
I've read “The man who listens to horses” and “From my hands to yours” so it's very nice to be able to watch the videos
and really get the grip of how to do things.” Ducka

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Current Syllabus for Monty’s Equus Online University … New Lessons Added Every Week!


  • Introduction to Join~Up
  • Orientation to round pen
  • Release at 2 o’clock
  • Flight distance and turns
  • Line handling skills
  • The Four Gestures
  • Join~Up and Follow~Up
  • Join~Up session
  • My horse won’t draw

JOIN~UP without a pen

  • With Big Brown


  • Learning to use
  • Fitting instructions
  • Working with the Dually
  • Learning to lead
  • Creating the sweet spot
  • Standing still
  • Preparing for the Farrier
  • Walking like a crab


  • Assessing the foot
  • Measuring/trimming toe
  • Measuring/trimming heel
  • Measuring the results


  • Side effects of Single Line
  • Longeing and the spine
  • Fitting the surcingle
  • Fitting the equipment
  • Driving in the long lines
  • Traveling with the circle


  • Equipment
  • Feet and hands
  • Driving position
  • Turning
  • Off the Dually
  • Off the bit
  • Quality time


  • Spooky Kadina Join~Up
  • Kadina & the pole
  • Kadina & the plastic bag
  • Kadina and the stream
  • “It rained again last night”
  • Kadina and the lake


  • Introduction


  • Basics & Advanced


  • The young horse
  • Intermediate/advanced


  • Rudiments of training
  • Incremental work
  • Advanced training
  • Stops and performance


  • With Steel Buns, Chrome
    and Magic


  • Understanding Into Pressure
  • Moving off pressure


  • Beginning training
  • Stepping up the challenge


  • Introduction & next steps
  • Using an English Saddle

(Extreme Headshy Series)

  • Join~Up & Follow~Up
  • Behavior Shaping
  • Bit of Honey


  • Join~Up
  • Dually Work
  • How to tie your horse
  • Grooming & Saddle~Up
  • Mounting & Riding Basics


  • Understanding leads
  • The Baby Eight
  • The Baby X
  • Clint and Bling
  • Kirsty and Dox
  • The Figure of Eight
  • The Finished Eight
  • Counter canter
  • Counter canter changes
  • Changes on the straight
  • Double changes

with Olympian Charlotte Bredahl

  • Transitions & leg yields
  • Counter canter & changes

with Olympian Will Simpson

  • Choosing the Right Horse
  • Conformation
  • Responsive Exercises
  • Will rides with Monty

with JJ TATE

  • Warm Up
  • Freedom and Control
  • Foundations and Principles
  • Rewarding the Effort
  • Training New Things

    • Approaching
    • Communicating
    • Slow is fast
    • Creatures of habit
    • Your horse catching you

    with Richard Winters

    • Body Control
    • Four-Part Harmony
    • Rollback 101
    • Practicing Rollbacks
    • Guinea Hens!


    • Access All Areas Four Part Bonus Series


    • Evaluating the Problem
    • 3 Tools of the Trade
    • Working with the Tools
    • Visit with the Sceptic
    • Results

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