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Laura Lachhein, Puyehue, Chile on 2020-Sep-24 at 01:01AM

When should I try the first join-up?

Laura Lachhein, Puyehue, Chile on 2020-Sep-17 at 00:12AM

Flying Lead Changes Without Counterbend / Falling In On Ends

Reigning Phoenix on 2020-Sep-07 at 22:10PM

Horse steps back when raising leg to put foot in stirrup

viv.lynch on 2020-Sep-07 at 21:09PM

Cancel my subscription

rebarbert on 2020-Sep-03 at 13:01PM

The Biting Horse (again and again :))

Royalcamelot on 2020-Aug-26 at 12:12PM

Order of Lessons

Wendyt52 on 2020-Aug-19 at 05:05AM

Problems Mounting

Martin.price1973 on 2020-Aug-19 at 05:05AM

Happy join up experience

Simona.Barzu on 2020-Aug-19 at 05:05AM

Lots of questions!

cmc_roxanne on 2020-Aug-19 at 05:05AM

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