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Testimonials From Monty's Students, Instructors and Friends.

In a world that has shrunk to a ‘global village,’ it is important that mankind act as a responsible steward of creation—whether human or animal. Monty Roberts, in his life’s work of perfecting communication without pain or fear, achieves this with respect and love for all creatures. I am very proud and privileged to have Monty as a friend and teacher.
—Terry Pendry Stud Groom to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Windsor Castle
This richly illustrated step-by-step manual, written in Monty Roberts’ own easy-to-understand language, is a must for all who want to treat their horses as partners and friends, not as slaves. Through this book, Monty’s legacy will live on forever.
—Professor J.A. Auer, dvm, dipl. acvs, ecvas
Director, Equine Hospital, University of Zurich
This is a wonderful educational book for all horse lovers. Using Monty Roberts’ techniques, the man learns the horse while the horse learns to trust the man. This results in nonviolent communication between the horse and his trainer. A horse ­enjoys learning, and this is the best program I have ever seen to teach a horse.
—Joe L.Taylor Taylormade Farms, Lexington, Kentucky
My hat is off to Monty Roberts for sharing his life’s work and study of the horse. His explanation of Equus, the horse’s natural way of communicating, will be invaluable to anyone who owns or works with horses. With this great step-by-step manual, Monty illustrates the art of simple communication with our horses. It may forever change how we think, ride, train and act with our horses.
—Leon Harrel National Cutting Horse Association Hall of Fame
[Roberts has] cracked the code on the silent language of horses, and has spent a lifetime ­winning converts to his commonsense ways.
—Financial Times
Hi 'Sir' Monty (never was a title more befittingly bestowed on anyone) I was lucky enough to attend your clinic last weekend in Perth. Unfortunately couldn't stay for both days - too many animals to feed, even though we drove 1000 kms for the day. I would do it again in a flash. I don't think I stopped smiling the whole day. You made my heart smile too, THANKYOU. I have been lucky enough to own horses for almost 40 years now and have always felt the same way about how cruelly they get treated by some ignorant people. A typical expression I have heard over the years is "It's just a horse". Please keep spreading the word as long as you can - you are my inspiration. I could watch your university video lessons all day. Thankyou for sharing your gift.
Kindest Regards Yvonne Lorne Sent from my iPhone
I renewed my subscription, it was easy, and renewed my tour through this incredible website. It is so clear, so profound, has so much education. What an incredible platform and very easy to understand. Most websites like this are awful, I give up after three clicks. I know this had to be so much work and so expensive but what a gift to the world. I can't tell you how honored I am to be a part of your lives and work. Now, I went to the Forum, would love to add my email and link but don't know how to do it so will get my staff at work to show me. They're young and know how to do everything. Thankyou for sharing your gift.
Thank you. A. Gates
It is thanks to Monty’s join-up and university lessons that my nervous horse, 9 year, mare, ex-racehorse, two months with me, now: follows me when I want to take her out of the field, without a rope! She just keeps following me! I am astonished! … I tell everyone about the university when they observe that my horse has changed so much in such a short time. Thanks for everything, I will help you spread your non-violent message!
- Jessica
Thanks again for this terrific opportunity learning the communication secrets of the equine on-line. This was money and time well spent. I can’t thank you enough.
- morsemaryjo
The whole uni platform is perfectly presented, easy and very interesting to use. The audios are so so precious to me. Thank you for adding them!
- Vio
What a fantastic job you have done with the Equus Online University.
– Executive Director, Horse Radio Network
For those of us who learn differently it is very helpful to be able to have your wonderful information in multiple formats, visual, audible and written.
– Ekat
Dear Monty and team! You make me so happy with your lessons! I use it every time a question arises in my mind. I have the question, you the answer!
With kind regards, Jessica L.
…many thanks for a very good work on this university site, it’s very easy to navigate and I think it’s good idea that
you “select” the courses for me so that I don’t rush things ;o)
I’ve read “The man who listens to horses” and “From my hands to yours” so it’s very nice to be able to watch the videos
and really get the grip of how to do things.
The lessons are so great! The concepts are simple when you see them put into practice; but its funny that many of us would never have thought to do these simple pain-free things. When I saw the series called "Walter Won't Go Forward" I was really curious to see how Monty would work with Walter to cause him to go forward. We are only up to lesson number 3 but I can see how the tools of the trade are going to work. I just love how Monty Roberts works with horses because his techniques are so simple for everyone to apply and so good for horses! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us Monty. Every time I see you work I feel like my eyes are being opened in a different way that I can't explain.
- Gen (Queensland, Australia)
I'm so grateful for Monty putting these lesson's on the uni for us. Charlie and I would be lost without them!
- Ruthy (Gold Coast, Australia)
Every time I watch a lesson on the Uni I learn something I didn't know. It doesn't matter if the lesson is for top level competitors or an 11 year old girl learning to tack her horse up safely. Lifting your horses feet after tightening the girth to settle the girth is so simple and brilliant. This is a lifetime of learning and knowing what works and keeps all safe. Thanks for keeping me waiting for Wednesday.
- MsSmith
I am so grateful to Monty for bringing us Florian's methods and I can hardly wait to work on these exercises with my horses. Liberty training seems to be a positive way to spend quality time with your horse. Engaging the horses mind, as well as their body. I am sure this will do nothing but help build the relationship between horse and human. Thank you, Flo and Monty!
- KSKing
Thank you for the wonderful dressage lessons. Thank you for introducing me, a little cow girl from Idaho, to world class athletes in other disciplines. I just continue to grow and learn every time I am online with the university. Thanks Monty.
Maggie E