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Where in the Wide World is Monty

18th feb bedford

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went to see monty and the team on the 18th feb at bedford uk was absolutely breathtaking fantastic definetley going again and had a photo with the famous monty he was so nice and cheeky recomend it to anyone wanting to see this fab guy in action really enjoyed it cant wait for the next one wonder if he would come to my rescue center in spain??????????? should of got his phone number lol x

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I also went to see Monty & kelly at Bedford on the 18th.. What an amazing experience they are so fab & talented.. Just goes to show what you can acheive with trust, patience & an understanding of horses and how they communicate! Monty is such an inspirational person..And he was so lovely when I met him!! The message he spreads of non violence makes such sense to me , I wish more people in the horse world could think that way.. I can't wait to go on the Perfect Manners course in June with Intelligent Horsemanship to learn the techniques for myself.. will be so lovely to build that bond with the horses I ride x

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I saw Monty and Kelly at Bedford on the 18th Feb too, it was fantastic, this man totally inspires me, I support his ideas of non violence towards horses competely and wish more people would adopt Monty's methods, this would mean a much happier life for horses! Cant wait to see him again. I work with Women who are victims of domestic violence, I agree with Monty's thoughts about violence with both horses and people. violence is NEVER the answer. Thankyou Monty and Kelly for a fab night xxx


We went too it was especially good for my daughter who is 11 she learnt so much and it has already made a massive improvement to the way she handles her pony. I just wish I could have sat and chatted to him for hours though.