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"After all this years they are gonne through me out"

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Dear Monty Roberts,
on your 86th birthday you said: "After all this years they are gonna through me out!"

I am very worried: What does that mean?
All of us that have learned something from you, and therefor are very grateful to you - can we do 
something to help?

With deep respect
Sidsel S Sandberg
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Monty was just kidding. He said he was "86th". Its just an old expression meaning to kick out but he was referring to just turing 86. They'd never throw out the master of horsemanship! Have a great day!
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Thank you for your very velcome and quick answer!
Now i can still enjoy him making me understand how the horses react - and think. I have a small farm with milking cows and other animals - and have had one and one horse at a very unprofessional level. But it is my life!
I wish you all at Flag i up farm the best!