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I think you are right that we had to stop the discussion "Stubborn horse" with Candi because it is going to escalate. I wonder what the language contributes to this escalation. I am Swiss with German as maternal language, working in the Italian speaking part of my country. After ten years my Italian is not bad but I always say that I have difficulty to understand the meaning between the lines. You can say something in a certain manner, or another, changing the meaning. (If we could see each other our body language would certainly help.) I also wonder whether it could be helpful to have access to our profiles to be able to judge the partner in discussion. Anyway, we have to accept the different kinds of English. In medicine you say that the common language is broken English.

May - Holland
Hello! 100 lessons completed 150 lessons completed

Hi Rudi,

You are absolutely right. It effects me to, even if I am not the person where they were talking to. It hurts me and it makes me sometimes very angry. It doesn't do anything to the question.In my opinion it is childish and a waist of time and it says something about that person!!!If somebody is not agreeing on something, just ask if you understand it right before you start to react.

What I already told you all in the Forum, I am not going to react on these wordgames, I will ignore it.I wished there was a delete button when it comes to that. There are enough bad things in the world, so let us keep it peasefull and understandable for eachother.
We are trying to help each other to find a solution for a question or learning from it and not to offense/attack/correct each other in a negative way. I don't say we have to be soft. We can be critic and think about it, give advice etc.

Thank you all who are understanding this and are not correcting me when I am writing wrong grammar words.
What we have in common are horses!!!! And that's where we are talking about!!!
Fijne dag allemaal, May