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Hi all,
I know this doesn't have to do with horses (or it does??!!) but I would really like to meet new people, new horse people who think about horses like I do (I think that non-violennt approach to horses is the reason of this uni and all of us here :) ) I am trying to change horsemanship in my country (so far everybody is laughing at me saying that they can easily "make" their horses follow them like dogs --> so wrong, I know with traditional methods) but I'm not giving up because I can see that horses appreciate what I do

I think that if we work together we are stronger, if we share our knowledge and support eachother.

So, I was thinking that everybody (who wants to, of course) writes down where he/she lives, in what country, so we could contact and maybe see eachother one day :)

What do you think of the idea??

Best wishes,