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Depression in Horses

I am looking for advise on a mini Shetland. the owner thinks she may be depressed. I am not sure she is I help to look after her.  She lives in a field with 2 goats 2 donkeys 2 sheep ducks chickens and a pig, she is happy to graze /play with them but she will take her self off to the corner of the field and stand there for a while, she can see other horses from hear. 
To me she seems to be having a sleep if you walk up to her she is interested in what you have or are doing and come for a pet. 
She is about 5 years old 
Any help will be appreciated
Many thanks 
Miriam (Holland&Germany)
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Hi Rebecca,

It is not uncommon for equines to take a nap during the day... so maybe the Shetty is just resting. 
On the other hand all living creatures need a task in life, so my question is: do you work with her at all? Shetties are small, but can do all sorts of tasks. Have you tried to work with her longlining, doing a trailcourse, walking over and around all sorts of obstacles, etc.
She might 'wake up' with something to do, to keep her mind busy on a task.
Your imagination gets free hand here, I'm sure she'll have fun, and you will too!
Let us know how you're doing,

Hi Miriam, 
Thank you for the reply 
I forgot to add that she does work with children in the week and we are just staring to teach her how to long line, with other fun games. 
I will try and up her work and interaction with the children, she is much more awake at the moment often calling to us if we walk past 

Many thanks