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I thought that everyone intersted should tell there accidents or falls from a horse. it can be from small pick yourself up falls to fall cant get up falls.
if you are not interested then please say so.
I have had several falls from a few horses. but my worst fall was when a horse half bucked and half reared and I fell of and was knocked out for about 2-3 minutes. I was taken into hospital for about 5-6 hours (so they could keep an eye on my concussion, and then I was sent home with striched instructions to take it easy and rest, (which of course I found very hard to do!!!) I ended up with a wopper of a headache the next few weeks, a bruised hip and memory loss which I still suffer from today.
Tell me about your falls.

Kicki -- Sweden
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Over the course of 40 years with horses, I've taken a few tumbles, but I've been veeeery lucky and never been hurt. (So far, anyway. Knock on wood!)
I think my worst fall was when I came cantering along a sandy tractor path in the forest and just where it ended and became a regular dirt track, in a short slope, the rain had undermined the earth and my horse stepped into a hole between the roots of a fir. I actually saw it sink down.
He went into a somersault and I was thrown off pretty hard and convinced that he would fall on top of me, but he didn't.
Luckily, we had kept a pretty low speed, so he just went down on his knees and came back up with only a scrape above his eye. Me, I had a bruised and sore shoulder + hip for over a week, but nothing broken.
I was so relieved that the horse was OK - he wasn't even mine!
The best part was that when I stumbled onto my feet and called out to him, he immediately turned around and whinnied, as if saying; "There you are! I fell and couldn't find you when I got up. I'm so glad you're still here!" *LOL*
The moral of this story is: be very careful where you go and mind your speed!

Hello! 100 lessons completed 150 lessons completed

Wow! that is quite a story!
glad that it all worked out well in the end, with no major damage done to you or the horse.
Thanks for saring that story with all of up here on the forum!

Gen (Queensland, Australia)
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This is a good idea :-)
When I was a child, one of my uncles (who loved me but knew nothing about horses) bought me a pretty bay mare called Dolly and unknown to us she had been drugged for the sale and she was full of worms which made her appear docile.
I was so excited when she arrived! And also could not ride well... The first couple of rides went well. Then one day when she was feeling fresh, worm and drug free she bolted and bucked me off. I landed on the ground twisted and thought for a bit that I was paralised as I could not move my legs. I don't remember much after that. Following this I had a number of really bad falls from this horse that made me a regular at the local hospital. One of these falls actually stopped a championship football game being held in little contry town - very embarrasing. The game had to stop so that the ambulance could pick me up and take me to hospital. I was thrown into a tree and knocked out.
After about a year of this, my uncle then bought me a quieter horse called Pinky so I could learn to ride. Eventually I did learn to ride well and I also learnt to ride Dolly.
Thankfully the horses I have now are NOTHING like poor old Dolly :-) but I also now know how to handle a horse like her in a more understanding and safe manner now.
See you later,

Hello! 100 lessons completed 150 lessons completed

Wow! that is quite a story, i feel sorry for horses that have been drugged.
Thank you for sharing that story,