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Gilding thinks he’s a stud All of a siding

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How to stop gilding from dominating a mare and being ugly to the other gilding 
Miriam (Holland&Germany)
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Hi Janet,

Welcome to the Forum!
Could you describe your gelding's behavior a bit more precisely?
From your question as it is, I'd suggest you have a veterinarian check if the horse has been properly gelded. Sometimes one of the testicles moves up into the abdomen and still produces hormones, that could cause undesired behavior and ofcourse also even get a mare pregnant. Should this be the case, your vet will suggest how to change the situation.
If your horse has been gelded properly, it's good to know how long ago the procedure has been performed. It might take some time before hormone levels drop.
The handling of a 'stallion' is quite a task at hand, dominant behavior also towards humans does require a professional approach. It might be a good idea to get in contact with one of Monty's certified instructors to get advice on this subject.
Keep us posted,