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Where in the Wide World is Monty

Hurry for New Book Offer by Sep 1

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If you cherish childhood memories of Black Beauty, told from the horse’s point-of-view, you will love this book. It is a “must have”, and priced at only $19.95. Order it before September 1, 2010 and you will receive a Shy Boy DVD free, with every book.

At last, the latest book from the pen of New York Times bestselling author, Monty Roberts, is available to purchase today!

To order the book, just click on this link:

Rumors have suggested for months that Monty has been working on “something unusual”, “different” and “top secret”. Other leaks suggested that the project was skewed towards the whole family and that it would have something to do with Shy Boy, Monty’s American Mustang that he joined-up with in the wild… Well now we know. Today, Monty unveiled his new book. It’s called I’m Shy Boy And Here’s My Story.

Was it worth the wait?

Monty’s been accused of producing books that are easy to read and unputdownable before now, but this one really is wonderful. It is unbelievably fun, clever and a rip roaring read.

Why is it so good? Well, strictly speaking it is Shy Boy’s book. Monty “interpreted” the book from Shy Boy’s own words so in essence it is an “autobiography” with Monty as Shy Boy’s translator! So the book is written from Shy Boy’s point-of-view, in his own words. This is fiction based on fact, charting Shy Boy’s earliest memories with his mother and the herd, through to becoming the international superstar he is today, thanks to the BBC documentary film about his first meeting with Monty.

Lavishly illustrated in full-color throughout, it is a fun family-friendly novel rich with the principles of Join-Up®.

Check it out here: