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Join Up & Long Lining Course - Come Enjoy Spring in Maine!

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I will be running a Join-Up course & Long-Lining course back-to-back as a one week course from April 20th-25th 2015. This will be held in Litchfield Maine, and a great experience for anyone interested in learning about Monty's methods. The Join Up portion is a three day course designed to help you understand the language 'Equus', and develop solid understanding of the signs and reciprocal gestures of the language of horses. The Long Lining portion is a two day course following the Join Up Course. Effective long-lining will bring your horse into balance, enhance their outline, and prepare them both physically and psychologically for further learning.
The facility where the courses will be held is called Upper Pond Stables, there is a variety of lodging options all within 15 minutes of the Farm. We will have a wide variety of horses to work with, all equipment is provided, and we have an indoor arena available to use if the weather doesn't cooperate. Come enjoy a beautiful spring time in New England, contact me for more info on this and the many other Monty Roberts Courses offered in Maine this year!