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Horse Sense for People

Making the most of Equus during lockdown

Hello! 100 lessons completed 150 lessons completed 200 lessons completed 250 lessons completed 300 lessons completed 350 lessons completed 400 lessons completed 450 lessons completed 500 lessons completed 550 lessons completed 600 lessons completed
Hi all,  here in Ontario,Canada we are just moving out of our second lockdown to reduce the cases of Covid to prevent spread by staying at home unless essential(work/groceries/health care), wearing a mask and closing non-essential businesses for 30 days.  
I am blessed to are able to work from home when necessary and also have my 4 horses here.  It is cold these past several weeks (typically only -14C, 7F mid day with the sun) so it is the ideal time to watch uni-lessons, write unpublished content for my webpage of my future Equus business when I finally certify and plan for the warmer days of working the horses in my roundpen! 
Even though the weather keeps me from doing longer sessions,  it is the daily actions, habits and ways of working that you can continue to observe, assess and redirect behaviours that may be demonstrated particularly around gates, feeding and handling.  Whenever It feels a lot to carry 8-10 x 5 gallon buckets of water through the snow to the troughs due to frozen water lines I remember that these creatures depend on me for this just as I depend on them to restore and feed my soul.  
What a great privilege in learning and growing my own skills by watching the "Dr"(Monty should be awarded a pHD of Equus) and the leadership team from the comfort of my own home here on the uni and on You Tube!. 
Absorb everything, apply consistently what resonates for your own situation and recognize that part of the growth we experience comes from those times when we are "incubating" in reflection, solitude and embracing just the current moment. 
Each day my horses walk out of the barn confidently into the day ahead - whatever the day presents them they exit through the doorway, lift their heads, look around the landscape and find food, pasture mates and peace. They teach us the value of embracing the time and day we have been given to live in the moment, breath deeply and be grateful for what we have.  
I know many people are struggling in these times in a multitude of ways(I too have lost several loved ones including my Dad during this pandemic and my husband has lost his job) - the horses teach me to take each day as it comes. The uni is a place for us to learn and grow in our skills so we can embrace the value of our horses to heal and make their world better by learning to communicate clearly without violence to them.  
Equus will become an essential and healing force in the time ahead for so many who are impacted emotionally and physically from the burden of these times. I cannot wait to explore the horse-life adventures ahead. 
Thank you Monty for sharing your methods.  
Stay safe, healthy and blessed Roberts family and all the Equus family.  
 Happy Valentines Day.