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Monty's Books!

Hello! 100 lessons completed 150 lessons completed

I just loved reading Monty's books from my library, as I live in New Zealand it is a bit to expensive for me to buy the books online, so when I found Monty's books in the library I was so trilled and I got all of them out and I had a wonderful time just pouring threw them all.
Recently I found one of Monty's books on for only $11 so now I am so excited to get reading that book that I can officially call my own.
I would love to get "I'm Shy Boy" but again it is to much so for now I will make do with the books in the library
What is your favorite book?

Kathryn in NZ
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Cool! I'm in NZ too - I haven't tried looking in the library for his books. I've bought mine off Trademe and I scored Shy Boy at a school gala! :)
I'll be having a look in the library next. :) What area of NZ do you live? I'm north of Auckland.
It's hard to choose a favourite because they're all so good, but I enjoyed 'The Horses in My Life' very much.

Hello! 100 lessons completed 150 lessons completed

Yea, I live in West Auckland, and my favorite book so far is (so far) Shy Boy : the horse that came from the wild.
its a pity that we live so far away, if we lived closer then could get the other books for cheaper!
yea, I also liked "The horses in my life"