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Where in the Wide World is Monty

Monty UK February Tour


OK so who is coming from the Uni?

We'll be in Bedfordshire, Sussex and Somerset.

Can't wait!

Happy Christmas to All

Kelly xx

Shazza Bombazza
Hello! 100 lessons completed

I'm coming!!! My third visit to watch Monty, Kelly and the rest of the crew! See you in Sussex. Merry Christmas to all. Shazza

May - Holland
Hello! 100 lessons completed 150 lessons completed

Hi Shazza,

You lucky lady....
I saw Kelly and Monty last November and I had a wonderfull evening.
Wished I could come again.
Have a very nice time,
Cheers, May

Hello! 100 lessons completed 150 lessons completed

Hi Kelly
I wish he would come to Australia!!!!! Bit to far to travel to the UK!
Merry Christmas!

Hello! 2014 Cyberhunt winner

IM COMING:DDDDDDD woooooooooooo cant wait:D

Please upload your photo

Hi Kelly, I hope you are well and had a nice Christmas. I'm coming on the 25th Feb, from Co Cork Ireland cannot wait ,brilliant prezzie!!! This will be my third demo and I attended Montys Special Training Course last Aug which was a real dream come true!!! Loving the uni it's fantastic, See you soon, Maria Walsh

EquiAbi (UK)
Hello! 100 lessons completed 150 lessons completed 200 lessons completed

Hi Kelly,
Hope you and Pie had a great christmas!!
i might be coming i hope i can it will be my 3rd Monty Roberts demo! Hope to see you soon:)


Hi Kelly
I've left this 'til the last minute! I'm coming to help at Sussex (tomorrow, so excited!)and at Somerset. Us ASBO's can be quite helpful.
Hey Maria maybe see you there, i usually help out selling the books etc................. I know there will be lots of people there. This will be my about my 5th or 6th year of helping in Somerset and I still get over excited! Can't wait.
Cheers Katie