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More Western Training Lessons Please!!

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I have been using Montys methods on my 6 year old mare for about a year now and I have noticed tremendous progress. I've trained her and worked with her since she was 2, and I've never been one to be particularly mean to my horse. If she's taught me nothing else she's taught me that she won't put up with that crap! When others have tried to in a sense "man handle" her and force her to act a certain way, she just gets angry herself and has fits of rearing and frustrating. She is so smart and in lots of cases smarter than the people trying to make her do something. She has taught me that calm steady patience and confidence is what helps her to flourish and Montys methods and other natural horsemanship methods have helped me mold her into the best horse I could ever ask for and. Has molded us into a strong team that is very intuned with each other. With that being said, I'm very adamant about teaching my horse all that she can learn and keep her well rounded within our western discipline. I've taught her English pleasure basics but as it's just not what she's cut out to do, I likely won't put much more English training into her than that. I would really appreciate to see some more lessons in the western realm. There's such a variety of things that are unique to the western discipline that I would love to hear Monty's take on. Reining, for example, is something I would love to learn more about and perhaps teach my horse some of the moves. A lesson on the basics of how to start teaching a horse to do the sliding stops and spins would be amazing! I want to be able to work on this stuff with my mare but I want to teach her in the ways that she has always done well with and are the best for her. I like to keep her mind sharp and sassy while having her respect, I don't like other methods that try to dominate her and dull her mind and spunk. So it would be great to learn more about the variety of disciplines within the western discipline.

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Hello Countrygirl,
There are several lessons on this uni on western training. Some of the lessons on 'Stopping' might help with sliding stops. Some other lessons that might help are: 'Western Reining with Richard Winters', 'Western Training', 'Non Pro Reined Cow Horse Basics'.
Sounds great:)
Hope this helps,