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Most useful lesson ever !

Hello everyone,

I just want to tell you about one of the most underrated lessons on the Uni. Which is "Join up : Line handling skills". 
Knowing how to coil a line properly will not only be useful during Join up, it is critical every day of your horseman life. Even when you are catching a horse in the pasture and leading him with a really short line (2 meters) it is essential to know how to hold it right. A poor attempt to untangle your lines could also scare your horse. 
The lesson "Join up : Line handling skills" will tell you how about it. Please stay safe, make it easier to you and peacefuller to your horse. 

Miriam (Holland&Germany)
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Hi Laura,
I totally agree with you, the 'Line handling skills' are so important! This is where safety starts, knowing you have the right tools in your hands and know how to handle them...
even when you need to keep your eyes on the horse, you should be able to work with your line or leadrope. I remember doing the 'throwing and recoiling' in my room and having neighbors ask me later what that was all about! They had been watching through the window...Muscle memory is very important when working with horses, your hands know what to do and when.
It's fun to read youd enthousiasm here in the forum, please keep sharing what you learn!!