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Mounting practice

Hi I schooled my horse with the dually to get her to stand still for mounting this worked brilliantly but then a couple of times later in my usual bridle we had issues.  She dragged me off the mounting block my foot got stuck in the stirrup and then she started bucking, I hopped a lot until I could get my foot disentangled.  

I obviously tried to move on too soon how many times should I have schooled and practiced with the dually halter.  It's quite difficult to do this when you are on your own.
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Hi Valerie & welcome to the Uni. I believe I might know why your mounting session went the way it did & I suggest you continue to work with your mare, more incrementally & focus solely on the Dually halter - which is also a bitless bridle. There is no right or wrong timescale in learning, whether human or horse - each individual reaches a point of understanding & acceptance - which is job done. It can take minutes or weeks. Study the mounting block lessons. Teach your mare the whole job - that the mounting block is a good place, to seek to come to you there with total confidence.
I think your session went wrong for a number of reasons - your toe in her ribs, your holding her rein whilst hopping causing her discomfort & confusion, your (understandable) heightened adrenaline. Be the teacher/leader your mare deserves. Break down the process - then calmly address each aspect in turn, waiting for your horse to understand & relax with each one before moving on to the next one. Spend time on the mounting block just rubbing her neck & shoulders. Then progress to leaning over the saddle whilst rubbing her. If she does move off you won't get tangled up but can calmly stop her & bring her back to the block. Get on without using the stirrup (you might need to increase the height of your block to do that). Getting on, rubbing her & getting off repeatedly without her moving, progress to putting your feet in the stirrups once on her back but then just getting off again. Allow her to make mistakes, to take a few steps. By calmly correcting her she will quickly learn. Let us all know how you get on. Cheers, Jo.