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Survey Request


Dear All,

Hi! My name's Austen Atkinson. I am proud to say that I have led the team that designed and built Monty's Online Uni for him and also the newly launched

I am also a TV director and had the privilege of making a wonderful series titled Monty's Memories with Monty, in 2007. As a horseman myself, it has been a joy to see you all embrace Monty's methods in this newest form - online. It is a project very close to his heart, I can assure you.

This week, I hope that you have all received a request to complete a survey. It is purely voluntary, but anything that you share anonymously with Monty, MPRI and my team will be acted upon - especially any strong ideas on new functions and lessons to be added to the Uni.

A quick thanks to all who have already responded. There have been some EXCELLENT ideas. One of which, making the Uni iPad and iPhone friendly, is well in hand - we have been working on that for a month and a half or so. We hope to launch that iPad functionality in the next two months (all of our lessons have to be re-encoded and the player changed, to allow that).

Thank you all for your passion and sharing in Monty's goals.

Best wishes,

Austen Atkinson

Vio Berlin
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Hi Austen, I would like to tell you that you and your team did a great job designing and building the new web site and this Uni. All functions work perfectly. As a Mac user I am wondering why you must change everything for the iPad...well I am not so good in computer tecnology, which doesn't matter as I am much more interested in being good with horses. I think everybody is very excited to learn what is coming next on the Uni every week. If I talk to people about the Uni I tell them that I am impressed that Monty absolutely uses all the tools this great tecnology offers: reading, watching, listening, and copying too. I made my own little note book on open office where I copy things I want to memorise especially from the "extended notes" of every lesson. And it is great that you can come back to the lessons after month to recall something you might need for the next session with your horse. I am wondering how you have developed this tool together. Did Monty tell you his ideas how things could look and work like and you made it working ? Or have you already had something in mind to suggest to him ? It really must have been a great experience to develope the Uni and still is to work on it. Don't ever stop ! I hope you read the idea of the animated horse that let's us look through his eyes so that we can see the 180° angle, the mono- and bicolar sight, how little horses see right in front of them etc. Good luck and have fun ! Thanks again, VioBerlin

Hello! 100 lessons completed 150 lessons completed 200 lessons completed 250 lessons completed

The new design is wonderful. It is clear and fun and updated and I love it.