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Three Children

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I know this has nothing to do with horses, but I wanted to ask all of the believers on this web site to please pray for a the remainder of a family in Israel.
The Fogel family was brutily attcked and three of the five chilren were brutally killed, Mr, Fogel was killed in bed with their newborn and Mrs. Fogel was stabbed to death coming out of the bathroom, three of their six chilren were stabbed and then had their throats slit. childrens ages and names that are dead are: Yaov 11, Elad four and the newborn. They were attcked by terrorists.
the remaining children are Tamar 12, Ro'i 8, and Yishai 2.
The murderers are getting away with what they did, please pray for the family, as they will need a miracle to not feel hatred in their hearts for this brutal and unmerciful attack.

Please pray for them.
to read more go to

Horse addict (From the good old USA)
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I've been praying for protection for Israel for a while. Israel needs to put it's foot down on the Palestinians. I'll be praying for those poor kids. :( My family is jewish as well, we celebrate Passover tomorrow.

Cavalli Runner
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Such a sad story. Praying for the world, that those in turmoil can find the thing that truly brings peace.

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Thanks for sharing that. My prayers will be lifting up for Israel.

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Thanks for all the comments, We had a great passover! we went to a friends farm, hope you also had a great passover.
thanks for all the prayers.
I also have some jewish in us.
Thanks again