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Horse Sense for People



Since January 2013 I have been working and teaching at a new (only been running 1.5yrs) riding school. My boss has a huge emphasis on the theory and ground manners side of horsemanship, not just sitting on the horse, so I get plenty of opportunities to teach the children I work with how to safely and kindly work with horses. It is always great to see older girls who have come from other riding schools and believe that they should hit a horse when it bites, begin to use other, kinder and more effective methods (bumping the horses leg with their boot) as well as being able to teach the beginner students the language of equus right from the word go.

The biggest thing Ive seen though, is with our troubled students. Children with autism or aspergers begin to learn to communicate and to empathize with their pony rather than reaching points of anger and frustration at not being able to express themselves. Teens with severe anxiety and depression that learn to trust and manage their emotions rather than losing faith in their abilities.

I just wanted to share how much Monty's methods have helped me, not only with my own horse (who was no doubt a problem child) but in being able to help others. One particular student of mine would have complete breakdowns at the walk (to the point of saying she wanted to kill herself) in my first lesson with her and after a matter of months she was able to trust me and the horses and is now learning to canter independently. The look of pure happiness and pride on her face after her first canter was honestly one of the most rewarding things I have ever gotten.

MaggieF, Melbourne - Australia
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Thanks so much for sharing this very rewarding story with us, Amy. It sounds as if you have found a wonderful riding school to work in - challenging I am sure but also very rewarding to be helping these kids to learn and love horses. It is just so inspiring to read this - you and the riding school deserve a big congratulations for your work with these children.