Certified Instructors

A Letter From Monty, Dean of Students

I am proud to introduce you to our team of Monty Roberts Certified Instructors. This talented group of people have been handpicked from around the globe to further my quest to leave the world a better place than I found it for horses and for people, too.

To become a Certified Instructor requires dedication and passion, an open mind and a thirst for knowledge. These instructors are at the forefront of the revolution in horse training today and will be in the years to come. If your country is not represented here, we hope to train someone soon for your area – maybe you!

Learning is an ever-changing and never-ending process, and my instructors return to Flag Is Up Farms whenever possible, both to learn new developments in this unique method and to help guide the future direction of Join-Up® International.

I have placed my utmost faith in these instructors to continue my work when I am no longer able. With this in mind I will leave with the knowledge that many students will follow me and bring my work to the world in the decades to come.

I hope you have great success in your search for a better knowledge of horses through force-free communication, and know that my Instructors will be a valuable tool. Please contact them to discuss the specific courses and instruction they provide.

Laira Gold

United Kingdom

Based in the Midlands, UK, Laira runs the 10-day Introductory Course of Monty Roberts Horsemanship for small groups and individuals. These courses take place at her purpose built facilities from her home in Northamptonshire, where a range of different horses are provided to work with, while also allowing participants to bring their own horse if they choose. Since qualifying as a Certified Monty Roberts Instructor in 2010, she has taught Monty’s methods to students from all over the world, and loves seeing the impact that his teachings have on their horses and their own lives. As a Neuro Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner, Laira brings together her love of horses and her interest in Psychology, offering a high quality coaching context to each of the courses she runs.

Jenny Ahlroth

Finland, Sweden

After serving passengers in high altitudes for nine years, Jenny decided to make a complete change in her career. Horses, that for several years had been a wonderful hobby, started to become the main thing in life. The passion to work with remedial horses and youngsters in a non violent way took her to Flag Is Up Farms in October 2009. After this, an extended two years adventure in Transylvania in Romania took place working at a ranch with a huge variety of horses. After reaching her goal to become a Certified Monty Roberts Instructor in 2011, she has been running Equus Finland introducing Monty´s concepts specially in Finland. In 2020 Jenny also became an Osteopath D.O, BSc, so these days Equus Finland offers both courses, lessons as well as osteopathic treatments for both humans and horses, with a specialty in helping riders to find a more harmonious communication with their horses. Equus Finland is from 2020 based in Alingsås, Sweden but regular visits to Finland still take place. Jenny is also a member of the Monty Roberts Instructors Committee.

Jo Bond


Jo has been around horses and ridden for pleasure all of her life. At Oxford University she rode for the squad doing combined dressage and show jumping competitions. Jo pursued a career in Finance in London for 10 years before moving to South West France. She then brought a 3yo grey Arab Stallion who proved to be quite a handful, so she enrolled in some Monty Roberts courses in the UK. These techniques completely transformed the relationship she had with her horse allowing her to compete Internationally in Endurance with him – so she became determined to undertake all the training to become an Instructor. Jo became an Instructor in early 2010. Jo has now returned to the UK and her main focus is running a Highland pony stud bringing up the youngsters using Monty's techniques. Jo is available for one to one sessions and to run the Join-Up®, Long Lining and the Monty Roberts Introductory Course of Horsemanship at your facilities.

Lucy Simpson


Lucy's love for horses began at a very early age, she started riding and successfully competing in show jumping at 4 years old and has not stopped since.Upon leaving school Lucy has worked in the equine industry as an international groom and as a rider for many different show jumping yards including two Olympic riders. At the age of eighteen she completed her BHS apprentiship at the Royal Dick School of Veterinary Studies. Over the last few years Lucy has developed a passion and aptitude for dressage through her mentor Sylvia Loch.Lucy began her training with Monty Roberts in 2007 after receiving a scholarship from the legendary show jumper John Whitaker. In 2010 Lucy spent three months at flag is up farms teaching and riding and gained her instructorship. She has now returned back to Scotland and will be running courses in Monty's concepts as well as training show jumping and dressage horses out of Ladykirk House Stables.

Ian Vandeberghe

Oxon, United Kingdom

Ian Vandeberghe received his Monty Roberts Instructor Certification in 2001. He is from Oxon, England and is currently working alongside instructor Kelly Marks. A former College Equine Lecturer and Stud Manager, Ian has over 22 years experience of stud work including foaling over 600 mares. He is often called in to deal with dystocia and young foal problems.He is successful at cardiac and respiratory resuscitation in the neonate and has had a 100% success rate with 18 foal adoptions on foster mares. A kind and natural horseman, Ian has worked with Monty Roberts and is an expert in the correct and humane way of handling young foals as well as specialized horse care.

Tom Durocher

Alberta, Canada

A farrier and horse trainer for over 35 years, Tom’s dream has always been to realize his full potential for success as horse trainer. In 2001 he made a commitment to that success by enrolling to study Monty’s concepts at the Monty Roberts International Learning Center. In June 2005, he became our first Certified Instructor in Canada. He says that the admiration that he has for Monty and his methods has made him look at all aspects of life in a totally different way. Today Tom uses Monty’s concepts when working with horses as well as people. Tom lives with his family on the Fishing Lake Metis Settlement in east-central Alberta Canada. When he is not training horses he works with the youth in and around the community. Tom fully supports and agrees with Monty’s belief that “violence is never the answer.” Tom welcomes people from all over the world to attend the various courses he offers.

Thommy Witt


Thomas Witt, originally from Detmold, Germany, became a certified Instrctor in 2006, having already enjoyed an extensive career with horses from eight years of age. After studying at Gestut Farhof in Germany and graduating in 2004 with a 'German degree in Horse Breeding and Husbandry' Thommy spent two months at Flag Is Up Farms learning Monty's concepts.He then returned to Europe to work for Newsells Park Stud, one of the largest Thoroughbred breeding farms in England. There he used the Join-Up® methods to help start the youngsters. Thommy returned to Flag Is Up Farm in January 2006 to complete his training and become certified as a Monty Roberts Instructor. He then went on to teach at the Monty Roberts Equestrian Academy for three years and has recently moved back to Germany where he continues to work with horses and share Monty's concepts.

Sally King

New Zealand

Sally King has been working with Monty and his team since 1998. She teaches clinics and works with mares and foals in New Zealand. Sally's focus lies in maximizing the potential communication between horses and people, and she enjoys being part of a team that is continuously seeking new and exciting ways to spread this message.

Barry Thomas


From an early age Barry has had a passion for horses. From 2007-2010 he spent his time working with the Monty Roberts and his certified instructors in California. Barry has built up his own business training horses, gaining himself an exceptional reputation, working with a huge range of equines from successful race horses to starting HOYS qualifying show horses and everything inbetween. Barry gained his Certified Instructor status in 2010, and offers many different courses and services to aid people in understanding their horses. He hopes, through ‘The Language of Equus’ and its gentle training methods, to help humans and horses benefit from a mutual understanding. Find us on Facebook: Barry Thomas Certified Monty Roberts Instructor Follow me on Twitter: @barrythomas2002

Ann Lindberg


Ann started her studies at the Monty Roberts International Learning Center in 2002 and received her certification in 2006. Ann started her career with horses at a riding school and continued her education with show jumping and therapeutic rehabilitation. Over the years Ann has worked with a variety of horses in USA, Spain, France and Scandinavia – from mustangs and tourism riding to show-jumpers and racehorses. Between 2005-2013 Ann arranged and promoted Monty Roberts demonstrations in Sweden and has been a part of Monty’s team during demonstrations throughout the years in both Scandinavia and Europe. Since 2006, Ann has arranged Join-Up clinics and Introductory Courses of Horsemanship in Sweden. Currently she is studying behavioral sciences hoping to research applications of Monty’s Join-Up® concepts with horses and humans.

Maya Horsey

California, USA

Maya has an extensive and varied background with horses, her main focus having been racing and hunting. Her path with Monty started in 1998 and she was a member of the Monty Roberts International Learning Center development team and in 2000 became one of the first six people to become a Certified Instructor. Maya was based in Dorset, England where she ran her own business working with young horses for starting, remedial horses, racehorses and hunters. In 2007 she became the Head Instructor for the MRILC at Flag is Up Farms and moved to California where she was an integral part of the whole farm and educating hundreds of students in Monty’s methods. In 2012 Maya was recognized as one of Monty’s six Master Instructors around the world. In 2014 after seven and a half years at the farm, Maya journeyed out into America with her horses, it started with 6 months at a large QH breeding operation in Montana working with some great horses and now 2015 has brought Maya back to North East California where she is living on a large cattle ranch and working with many horses. Maya is in a position to offer training or help with your horses and if you are interested in hosting a clinic or workshop please contact her.

Maj-Britt Carter


Maj-Britt Carter was raised on a riding school and stud farm in Denmark, eventually attending courses in riding and horse management. She trained and qualified as a Veterinary Nurse in England. Discovering Monty's methods in 1991, she renewed her desire to work with horses and eventually began her training in 1997.Since then she founded Hippo-Logic Training, specializing in starters and loaders.Maj-Britt lectures college classes and private courses in Horse Management and Equine behavior and conducts riding clinics. As a Certified Monty Roberts Instructor, she offers Join-Up®, Follow-Up and Introductory courses.

Hannah Campbell Zapletal

Georgia, USA

Hannah Campbell Zapletal has been Monty Roberts Certified Instructor in Cumming, Georgia since 2000. Hannah and her husband Petr own and operate WildeWood Farm, Inc. Hannah teaches Monty’s courses and also offers training, riding lessons, showing, and camps for both adults and children. Hannah grew up on a training and breeding farm in Haiti where her family helped re-introduce the horses and buggy technology. After coming to the States in 1993 to attend university, she started WildeWood Farm, Inc. while attending school. Our family oriented farm bustles with children, many animals, and a love and respect of horses and their people. Hannah has coached several high school teams (IEA) to nationals, a student holds a world title, and has many local and regional titles with other students. Hannah is dedicated to preserving a loving, respectful, firm yet not violent approach to horses and even more importantly her students.

Petra Moser


Originally from Basel Switzerland, Petra grew up with horses and has been riding for almost all her life. Fascinated by Monty´s non-violent way to work with horses, she started studying these concepts in 2005. She has been working with different Monty Roberts Instructors and horse trainers in Switzerland, Germany, Portugal, England and the USA. In 2009 Petra was a member of the German tour team and part of the core staff during Monty´s science trials in England.In 2009 and 2010 she spent several weeks working at a horse rescue centre and completing her Internship at Flag is Up Farms in California. After having become an Instructor in May 2010 Petra is now working with horses and teaching classes in Switzerland and Germany in cooperation with Denise Heinlein and Laura Roberts.

Nina Gockeln


Nina was born in a family closely connected to horses. Her grandfather was an instructor for cavalry horses, her parents are into horses as well. Unsurprisingly she started riding when she was very young – even before starting to walk. Ever since her life has revolved around horses and the decision was made quite early to turn interest into profession.Monty's concepts led her from Germany to France, Portugal and finally to the MRILC in California, where she graduated as an Instructor in 2011. Additionally she started studying human resource management in 2009, hoping to transfer the insights from both studies into each other.Today you can find Nina in Dortmund, Germany, where she is running a horse instruction business, focused on loading and transport. For further information please visit her website.

Kirsty Carling

New Zealand

Kirsty began her Monty Roberts accreditation courses after many years of teaching and training horses on a part time and mostly voluntary basis. She is a trained teacher, which led her into the Professional Development arena. Kirsty also worked in the sports sector promoting the importance of physical activity to children's growth and development.Currently residing in New Zealand; Kirsty connected with Sally King and Leigh Willis, her mentors. She works with a wide variety of clients and horses and thoroughly enjoys teaching. Kirsty reaches out to and promotes the concepts of non-violence to children in particular. By opening children's eyes to “another way” she hopes to influence the next generation of horse men and women.

Heidrun Weiss


Heidrun enjoyed a humanistic education and at a very early age discovered her special passion for music and horses. After graduating as a sound-engineer, she worked in the production of advertisments and was co-partner of a leading Swiss recording studio. She worked with customers and their business clients as a technical and creative coach optimizing their products. Fascinated by Monty’s methods, Heidrun worked with horse trainers in Europe and America to improve her skills in training horses as well as in human resource management. From the intensive work with Monty and his instructors she learned the language of Equus and laid the cornerstone of her new horse profession. She is excited to share her knowledge with others. Heidrun believes in the positive behavior of humans and horses. Her main goal is to work with horses and humans in a partnership based on non-violent communication systems. Heidrun runs her own business near Zurich. She teaches Monty’s methods, works with horses and gives corporate and individual personal trainings

Christiane Moeller


Christiane, born in 1980, originally from the Black Forest, Germany, dedicated her life to horses from an early age. She started riding when she was 8 years old and spent lots of time at the riding school helping others just to be able to get her hands on the horses and ponies. When she finished school she qualified and worked as a Veterinary Assistant in a horse clinic. From 2006 to 2009 she worked with Instructors and horse trainers who were using Monty’s concepts in Germany, England, Holland and America as well as working with and learning from Monty himself. Since 2008 Christiane has been part of the main team when Monty is touring through Germany, Ireland and Austria and played a part in the demos doing Join-Up®s or training the non-loaders. In August 2009 she received her Certified Instructor license of Monty Roberts Horsemanship and since then she has been working with horses and teaching Monty’s courses in Italy.

Kirsty Jenkins

United Kingdom

Kirsty Jenkins grew up in Scotland riding misunderstood riding school ponies, studied equine science at college, and worked in the TB industry in Ireland before becoming an Instructor in 2007. She then spent ten years in California. During that time she taught in the Monty Roberts International Learning Center for three years and later returned to Flag Is Up Farms and spent two years training horses. This involved solving a variety of problems, on the ground and ridden. The rest of her time in California was spent starting Thoroughbreds for the track and Quarter Horses for Reined Cow Horse. She recently spent a year in various African countries, learning about wildlife and conservation, and running horsemanship clinics including the first Monty Roberts Introductory courses on that continent. Her time in Africa deepened her desire to learn more about animal behavior, and she will commence a Masters degree in that topic in September. Based in Edinburgh, she can offer individual sessions to help you with your horse, or group events/clinics at your facility.

Kasia Tomaszewicz

California, USA

Kasia Tomaszewicz (Roether) has been involved with Monty Roberts’s organization since 2001. Born and raised in Poland, Kasia spent 5 years at FIUF and went through very intense training out there, both at the Thoroughbred barn and MRILC. She also achieved her therapeutic riding instructor’s diploma and successfully used her knowledge at Taylor Made, one of the most famous Thoroughbred farms in Kentucky. Kasia shares her experience with Polish horsemen, organizes classes on non-violent training and implements those concepts helping with human to human relations. After 7 years of training foals and sales preparation at one of the premiere Thoroughbred farms in Central California, Kasia once again is involved into teaching and training with groups and individuals. For more information on Kasia’s availability for private classes and training sessions, please contact her via email or phone.

Courtney Dunn

California, USA

Courtney received her instructor certification in 2011. She comes from North Carolina where she was manager at Horseworks LLC, specializing in halter training foals, inspection handling, starting/breaking, problem/spooky horses and gentling. She has been riding and competing hunter/jumpers from a young age and had a good start in pony club and foxhunting. In the summer of 2011, Courtney moved cross country to work at Flag Is Up Farms where she focused on teaching and horse training. She is currently continuing her work with horses in the Santa Ynez Valley in California.

Laira Gold

United Kingdom

Based in the Midlands, UK, Laira runs the 10-day Introductory Course of Monty Roberts Horsemanship for small groups and individuals. These courses take place at her purpose built facilities from her home in Northamptonshire, where a range of different horses are provided to work with, while also allowing participants to bring their own horse if they choose. Since qualifying as a Certified Monty Roberts Instructor in 2010, she has taught Monty’s methods to students from all over the world, and loves seeing the impact that his teachings have on their horses and their own lives. As a Neuro Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner, Laira brings together her love of horses and her interest in Psychology, offering a high quality coaching context to each of the courses she runs.

Amanda Rideout

Maine, USA

Amanda was born and raised in rural Maine and started riding at age 5. Her passion for horses continued, and at age 13 after reading his book “The Man Who Listens To Horses” she wrote a letter to Monty Roberts. It was in that letter she expressed her commitment to one day travel to his farm in California and learn his methods of horsemanship. For several years Amanda traveled back and forth from Maine to California, working with and learning from any horse she could along the way. In 2011 she became a Monty Roberts Certified Instructor and returned to Maine to continue her work with horses. Her goal is to help people understand their horses, and develop a better relationship. It is with that goal in mind Amanda teaches Monty Roberts Courses, works with both horse and human to open up lines of communication and performs equine bodywork to ensure the horse maintains a sound mind and body.

Anna Kerckhoff de Sacchi

Germany, Portugal

Anna offers horsemanship courses and Equus coaching in the beautiful Algarve, South Portugal. Anna was born in Hamburg, Germany and was certified by Monty Roberts as an instructor in 2004. She lived and studied at Monty’s Flag Is Up Farms in California from 2002 to 2005. Anna was trained extensively in the methods of Join-Up® and herself taught courses up to the Advanced level at the Monty Roberts International Learning Center. She traveled with Monty to his demonstrations on tour in the United States, Spain and Germany and demonstrated Join-Up® in front of audiences. Now she lives in Portugal where she runs her own academy and training facility with husband Claudio, a veterinarian. She regularly teaches courses in Portugal, Spain, Brazil and Germany. Anna is also certified as Coach for The Work of Byron Katie and as an Equus coach by Koelle Simpson. Anna’s main goal is to bring together people and horses to help and support each other.

Kelly Marks

United Kingdom

Daughter of a racehorse trainer, Kelly Mark’s life has been filled with horses. She won BSJA Championships (show jumping) as a child rider and continued on to great success as a Lady Jockey retiring after she won the Ladies European Championship in 1995. She made a competition comeback in 2009 when winning the Royal Windsor Pro/Am TREC championship on her horse, American Pie. Kelly conducted the first authorized courses using Monty’s concepts, beginning in Oxfordshire, England in 1996. She is the founder of ‘Intelligent Horsemanship’, an organization dedicated to bringing the best horsemanship ideas together from around the world. Kelly endeavors to find the least stressful and most harmonious methods to create successful working relationships between horse and human. Kelly gives demonstrations sharing Join-Up® methods to help ‘horses with problems’, often traveling within the UK, as well as to Australia, South Africa, Singapore, Sweden, Denmark and France. She and her team run educational courses from Witney, in West Oxfordshire, England. Kelly is the author of Perfect Manners – How You Should Behave so Your Horse Does Too, Perfect Partners – How to the be the Owner Your Horse Would Choose for Himself and Perfect Confidence – Overcoming Fear, Gaining confidence and Achieving Success with Horses.

Kata Pataky


Kata was a professional swimmer for 18 years. During this time she developed a strong sense of self discipline, persistence and muscle control. Having begun riding at the age of 6, she also led trail riding groups in Hungary in her spare time. In 1996 she read Monty’s first book and she decided to study his methods in depth. Beginning her studies with Kelly Marks and Ian Vandenberghe in England in 2007, she continued her education at Flag is Up Farms, USA. During her learning period she went to Denmark to practice and study from the Danish instructor Maj-Britt Carter. After an intensive 3 year learning and working period, she became a certified instructor in August 2010. In Hungary, she now runs a wide variety of courses featuring Monty’s concepts, The Join-Up® clinic, Long-lining clinic, Horsemanship 101, Introductory course (with intro exam), leads company coaching sessions and lectures at Universities based on the theory of Monty’s methods. Her goal is to show the non-violent way of horse training to as many people as possible.

Caron Whaley

Dubai, United Kingdom

Caron started riding at 4 years of age but at 19 left her beloved horses to pursue an academic career, giving her credentials of a BEng Hons Civil Engineering and two MSc Degrees in Project Management and Organizational Psychology. Caron spent almost 2 decades working in UK, Asia, Australia and the Middle East, initially as a corporate professional and more recently as an equine behaviorist and equine assisted personal development specialist. After 7 years in the Middle East (Dubai) working with remedial Thoroughbreds, Arabians and Warmbloods she has just relocated to the heart of Somerset in the UK. She looks forward to sharing Monty's philosophy in both Somerset and the Middle East where she will be traveling to during the winter seasons. She also plans to continue her work in the equine assisted personal development arena, a topic that Monty is passionate about and has helped to pioneer in the last few years.

Caroline Jennings

Australia, Ireland

Caroline Jennings began her training in Monty Roberts concepts in 2004 and became a Certified Instructor at Monty's Flag Is Up Farm, California, USA in 2008. She returned to Ireland to set up Equus Training Ireland; a facility to educate humans and horses in these non-violent concepts. Caroline now splits her time between Ireland, Australia and Monty's farm, USA. Caroline has had a passion for horses and riding from an early age. She attended Monty’s demonstrations in Ireland in the early 90's and dreamed of working with horses in this way. Choosing horses as her career path, Caroline went to the UK in 2001 where she studied a 4-year BSc degree in Equine and Human Sport Science at Warwickshire College, graduating with honors in 2005. Caroline has assisted Monty Roberts in many areas worldwide including seminars and demonstrations, veteran courses and private consultancy for professionals in many disciplines. Caroline is passionate about her work, training horses and introducing Monty’s methods to people of all ages and horses worldwide through demonstrations, courses and equine assisted therapy.

Katrin Junker


Katrin ist in Hessen im schönen Städtchen Grünberg zuhause, das an der A5 zwischen Kassel und Frankfurt am Main liegt.

Johan Hofmans


Johan Hofmans is certified as a Monty Roberts Instructor, an Engineer (Agriculture), a riding and therapeutic riding instructor, as well as a trekking leader. Besides managing the first Monty Roberts Learning Center in France (Join-Up®, Follow-Up clinics, Introductory Courses), Johan and his wife Sylvie-Anne run a breeding farm and a certified riding school and training center for riding instructors and trekking leaders. As a Monty Roberts Instructor he wants to share the Monty Roberts philosophy with riders, in order to help them create a better relationship with horses. He is passionate about starting horses and dealing with remedial horses. Johan is fluent in Dutch, French, German and English.

Adrien Maby


Adrien is from Saint-Malo in Brittany, France where at the age of three he discovered horses and has loved them ever since! He started competing in Show Jumping at the age of eight, and was a member of the French team from the age of 18 to 23. It was around that time he discovered he preferred working to help improve the connection between the horse and the human. For this reason he tries to encompass Monty’s methods in all areas of working with horses. Adrien gained his certification in the spring of 2008 and is now teaching Monty’s concepts in France. In the future, Adrien is looking forward to focusing on courses for young children in riding centers. He believes that through children’s influence we can make a positive difference in the lives of horses.

Franziska Goerwitz


Franziska grew up in a horse family. Her grandmother breeds Holsteiner Warmblood Horses. As a child, Franziska trained in dressage and show jumping but soon she discovered that the traditional approach in handling, riding and training horses was no longer what she wanted to be part of. That was when she read her first book by Monty Roberts “From My Hands To Yours” and when she knew that one day she would be going to America to learn Monty’s methods. After graduating as a lawyer in 2006, she started to make that dream come true and began her training with a Certified Instructor in Germany for three years. Since 2009 she runs her own horse business in Germany training and starting young horses, training remedial horses and working with young dressage and show jumping horses on big stud farms. In 2010 she began traveling to the MRILC on Flag Is Up Farms and became a Certified Instructor in 2012. Now besides training horses and coaching horse owners all over Germany, Franziska offers Monty Roberts Courses.

Stephanie Madaus


Stephanie grew up with horses and was successful in showjumping. At the age of 18 she decided not to become a professional show jumper and started a career in editing movies for TV stations in Germany, but her love of horses eventually proved to be her calling. In 2006 Stephanie returned to working with horses and began studying Monty’s methods at Flag Is Up Farms. Stephanie soon became part of Monty’s video team. For several years she divided her time between creating Monty’s educational videos and studying Monty’s horse training methods at the Monty Roberts International Learning Center. During this time she also traveled worldwide assisting Monty in his demonstrations and learning from other Monty Roberts certified instructors. Stephanie earned her instructor status in 2011 and is now working on her own business for horses and youth close to Berlin.

Luuk Teunissen


Luuk became a certified instructor in 2011. He grew up with horses in the Netherlands in a family that has been around horses for generations. At the age of 8 he started riding and gained experience in various disciplines ever since. Luuk studied at the University of Applied Science in Den Bosch in the Netherlands. In this period he worked on many projects involving animal welfare, horse behavior and training principles. He wrote several articles with scientific background that were published in Holland. In 2011 he graduated. Between 2007 and 2011 Luuk worked for several Monty Roberts instructors around Europe to learn more about Monty’s concepts. He also got the chance to train with Monty himself. He gained experience staying in England for 6 month, where he was taught by Dan Wilson, who is a specialist in the training of horses with behavior problems of all kinds. Dan Wilson has also been Monty’s rider in tours for over ten years. Luuk has worked on demonstrations and tours for Monty in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Holland. Together with his partner Susanne Suberg he works in Holland and Germany offering horse training, events and Monty Roberts courses.

Janos Armbruszt


Jani first met horses when he was 11. He got his first horse at the age of 16 and few years later became involved in endurance riding. In the following years he took part of endurance rides as a registered competitor. In 2010, Jani began to study Monty Roberts’ methods and realized that it was what he would like to do in the future. Jani earned his degree on 12 November 2012 and since then has been practicing as a Certified Monty Roberts Instructor. Jani says, “I always knew that the world of horses is very close to me and I would like to spend my time with them. My goal is to get more riders know the method, which is based on the language of horses and to help the horses that have trouble with the world.”

Szabolcs Pinter


Szabi became a Certified Monty Roberts Instructor in March 2013 after studying Monty’s methods for three intensive years. He lived in Scotland for seven years but after his internship he decided to move back to Hungary and start his own business training horses and teaching people. Szabi is working to pass along Monty’s methods not only in Hungary but also in Poland.

Lucia Ebert


Horses have been her passion since she was a little girl. She took her first riding lessons at the age of five and she was only 12 when she got her first horse. This mare wasn't the easiest - This horse taught her that trust and willingness only can only be achieved when communication in a shared language takes place. The connection with Monty's methods approved, deepened and widened her already acquired understanding of the horses. In March 2014 Lucia became a Certified Monty Roberts Instructor. She lives in Marburg, in the center of Germany and works with young and problem horses and is looking forward to teach courses and sharing Monty's methods.

CI Sara Hiller


Sara has a background of being around horses since a young age, and she has a passion in life for teaching. She is a Level 2 riding instructor and has experience working at riding camps and also as a middle school teacher. Her main interests were in show-jumping and closely followed by dressage and she began her Monty Roberts journey in 2011 studying with Ann Lindberg in Sweden. In 2014 Sara completed her Internship and is now recognized as Sweden’s second Monty Roberts Certified Instructor. Sara is looking forward to holding clinics and courses and spreading Monty methods to many more people.

Raivo Salms


Raivo Salms became the first Latvian Monty Roberts Certified Instructor in April 2012. He started his education at the MRILC in autumn 2009. Besides the education process at Flag Is Up Farms, USA, he gained experience working with Monty Roberts instructors from Italy, Germany and Netherlands. Raivo and his wife, Ilze, run a riding instruction and horse training center, Erceni, located near Latvia’s capital city, Riga.

Anna Thomas

Hungary, United Kingdom

In 2012, Anna became the youngest Monty Robert’s Certified Instructor. Born with a passion for horses, she started riding and helping at her local stable at the age of five. She was first introduced to Monty’s methods by Head Instructor and Master Instructor, Maya Horsey, who she would help after school from the age of eight. For many years she worked with her, in addition to working at racing yards, where she ended up buying her own racehorse. At 17, Anna went out to America to assist with Monty’s Special Training Clinic. It was there she decided she wanted to become an Instructor and embarked upon the journey after finishing school. Anna has worked worldwide in promoting Monty’s training methods of improving the treatment of horses. In 2013, Anna spent one and a half years at a Thoroughbred Stud in Germany, helping to improve the handling and starting process of racehorses. Since then, she has returned to the south of England and has become heavily involved with the management and handling of wild horses. She currently splits her time between the UK and Hungary, where she and her partner, Instructor Szabolcs Pinter are currently setting up their own equi-tourism business. Anna is available for lessons and various courses in both countries.

Chris Morris

United Kingdom

Chris has a lifelong passion and fascination with the animal world. After studying animal biology and physiology at university his interest in the Monty Roberts methods grew because it provided answers to questions of why horses behave the way they do, which professional trainers had been unable to answer. He worked with several Monty Roberts Instructors across the globe to gain as much experience as he could whilst completing the Introductory and Advance certificates. This culminated in Monty inviting him to undertake the instructors internship at Flag Is Up Farms and becoming a certified instructor in September 2012. Chris was elected to the Instructor Executive Committee by his peers and Monty in 2015 and along with 7 other committee members now sets and reviews policy for other instructors, implements updates to teaching methods and manuals as well as overseeing updates to instructor websites. He is approved to teach the Advance Course at Flag Is Up Farms and in February 2017 was certified to run Lead-Up workshops in the UK. Based near Brighton, Chris runs courses in Monty’s concepts including Join-Up®, Long Lining, Horsemanship 101, and the Introductory Course of Horsemanship. Also available for call-outs and individual training sessions in and around the Sussex/Surrey/Kent areas.

Jana Widdecke Leurent


The reason for Jana to work with horses is pure love. Horse sports and competition never made much sense to her and she considers the life with horses and moving together in balance as an artistic process. Jana is a licensed trainer and riding teacher and holds a degree in journalism, specialized in equine behavior. She offers Monty Roberts classes in France and South America on request and is happy to share her passion in English, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese.

Denise Heinlein

Bavaria, Germany

Denise discovered her passion for horses at a very early age and started riding when she was five years old. She got her own horse when she was thirteen and still owns him now. After completing a school for foreign languages and interpretation, she went traveling and spent time learning from different Western trainers in Canada, Austria and Germany. Since 2006 Denise has followed Monty Roberts' methods and has been working and learning from Monty himself in addition to various Monty Roberts Certified Instructors at the Monty Roberts International Learning Center (MRILC) and in Germany, Portugal, Netherlands and England. Denise has been a member of Monty’s German Tour team since 2008 where she is involved in the horse selection and Join-Up® presentations. In November 2009 Denise realized her goal of becoming a Certified Instructor of Monty’s methods and is now spreading the concepts of Monty’s non-violent approach. After teaching classes and courses in Germany and gaining a lot of experience in the Thoroughbred industry, she went to teach at the Monty Roberts International Learning Center in California. Denise is a member of Monty Roberts Instructors Committee. After her time as Resident Instructor at the MRILC, Denise traveled to Argentina and India to share her knowledge of horse behavior with the Polo World and hold the first Monty Roberts Course in Asia. She is located in Bavaria, Germany.

Nathalie Hörning

Switzerland, United States

Nathalie Hörning has been around horses since her early childhood. She started vaulting whilst living in Brazil when she was 5 and changed her focus to Dressage and Showjumping when she returned to Switzerland. Nathalie first read Monty’s book when she was 13 and was fascinated by this non-violent way of training horses so, in 2010, she began her education in his concepts. After finishing High School, Nathalie traveled around the world to intern with several of Monty’s international Instructors gaining invaluable experience she hopes to pass on to future students. Nathalie received her Certification in 2014, becoming an official Instructor and will be attending University in England to study for her BSc in Equestrian Psychology and Sports Science. She is fluent in English, German, French and Portuguese and looks forward to holding courses in all these languages.

Tessa Horan

United Kingdom

Tessa first read Monty’s book Shy Boy at the age of 10 and rode from a young age; her grandfather was an avid fox huntsman and she grew up loving horses. Whilst completing her bachelor’s degree Tessa learned to play polo and competed as part of her university’s national team. She worked for several players and clubs during the holidays and trained and played her own horses. Her focus then shifted to classical equitation and dressage; she trained intensively with classical seat expert Heather Moffett and gained her Enlightened Equitation teaching qualifications. Tessa is currently exploring and developing the pathways between Monty’s methods and classical dressage training through non-violent communication. A dual UK & US national, she enjoyed traveling to learn from instructors worldwide before gaining her certification in 2014 – the 10th in the UK! Tessa plans to hold courses, work with horses and teach riding from the UK and the US.

Joan Sartori Søe


Joan started her studies at MRILC in 2012 and received her certificate in 2014. Joan’s life with horses began at 8 years old and have over the years offered her to work with a wide variety of horses and disciplines. Growing up showjumping was her favorite discipline. A stay in Colorado from 2010 to 2012 gave Joan the opportunity to learn about western riding and she took home her knowledge to make the learning school RANCH E-QUUS in Denmark where she now offer courses in the MR method, riding lessons in western based riding and trails, for all ages.

Csilla Csaszar


Csilla has been around horses since she was born. Her horse background includes trail riding, tourism, traditional Hungarian horse shows and games, show jumping, training horses, horse riding and therapeutic riding. Besides working with horses she became a Theologist and started to work also with people. After reading Monty’s book in 2007, and her dream started to come true to help horses and people through communication. In 2014, she became a certified instructor. She believes horses and people can help one another and would like to offer courses to everybody who would like to learn the most effective way of horse training. The goal is to have happy people and happy horses.

Caitriona O'Meara


Caitriona has always been a people-centered and horse-centered person. She started riding at 8 and saved up and bought her first pony at 12 with a little help! She studied to be a Secondary school teacher and has been teaching for the last 12 years. She is also a qualified Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator. She was appointed coordinator of the Horsemanship Courses at higher education levels 5 and 6 in her school. In 2010, Caitriona did her first Join-Up Course and progressed from there. She became a Monty Roberts' Instructor in 2014, and is now one of three certified instructors in Ireland. Caitriona wants to help people create a bond with their horses that is rooted in trust, while also imparting the skills necessary to improve the relationship and partnership between them.

Jo Birkbeck

United Kingdom

Jo’s lifelong love of horses has taken her across continents, learning from and teaching a huge variety of horses and riders. From Shetlands to Shires, beginners to competitors, she enjoys working with them all. Her firm but fair, non-violent approach creates a relationship of mutual trust and respect. Jo offers an extensive equestrian service which is applicable for all stages of interaction throughout the life of the horse. She is a BHS Intermediate Instructor, Monty Roberts Certified Instructor and is currently studying under the experienced eye of Sylvia Loch; dressage expert, founder of the Classical Riding Club. Jo found Monty’s methods eye opening and fascinating, gaining a real insight into the workings of the horses brain and learning styles. Jo is based between Kendal and Lancaster and will travel to areas within Lancashire, Cumbria and Yorkshire.

Michelle Cure

United Kingdom

A background, growing up in England, of horsing around from an early age led to the belief that there was a ‘better way’ and eventually she found it – studying under Kelly Marks and Ian Vandenberghe before working with Maya Horsey. Michelle traveled to and from the USA until late 2005 when she moved to help run the Monty Roberts International Learning Center. Now back in England, and with a passion for improving horse welfare worldwide, Michelle dedicates herself to passing on Monty’s message in the education of other students.

Elisabeth Schweiger


Elisabeth grew up on a farm and was always surrounded by animals. Born with a passion for horses, she started riding and got her first horse when she was nine years old. Soon she discovered that the traditional way of handling, training and riding horses was nothing she wanted to be a part of. When she was 13 she read about Monty Roberts and since then she wanted to learn his methods and become one of his Instructors. She went to a college for agriculture and nutritional science and was working in the chamber of agriculture in Austria for a few years before she finally decided to quit her job and to fulfill her dream to become a Monty Roberts Instructor. Elisabeth started her education at the Monty Roberts International Learning Center in 2010 and got her certificate in 2014. In this time, she learned from and worked with Instructors in Germany, England and America. She is now the first MR Instructor in Austria and is looking forward to running Monty Roberts Courses and spreading the word of nonviolent horse training in her country.

Brenda Kooiman


There is not a more amazing moment than the moment of Join-Up. That is what Brenda Kooiman discovered about 8 years ago, when she took the first steps of Join-Up with a 4-year-old horse after reading Monty’s textbook, From My hands to Yours. At that moment she fell in love with these methods and when she moved to America two years later for work, she started a life-changing study of Monty Roberts concepts. Now, four years later, after working with lots of horses with problems she can call herself, with pride, a Monty Roberts Certified Instructor. Now she is back in the Netherlands, creating “a better place for horses and people, too”.

Gabriel Coglianese


Gabriel Coglianese became the first Italian Monty Roberts Certified Instructor in August 2009. In 2006 he attended the Andrea Kutsch Academy in Berlin for further studies on Equine Science and Communication. In later years he worked with Monty Roberts certified instructors and trainers in Europe mainly in Germany, England and Holland. From 2008 to present Gabriel has been part of the team that accompanied Monty Roberts in international tours as the demonstration rider. In January 2012, Gabriel founded “Trynarca” a training center for people and horses located in Tuscany, Italy.

Padraic Foy


Padraic was born into a family whose association with horses goes back generations. After working in various sectors of the equine industry including show jumping, showing, racing and breeding he qualified as a Riding Instructor and owns Drummindoo Stud and Equitation Centre on the West Coast of Ireland. He felt that traditional methods did not always meet the needs of the horse and he believed that if people could understand and communicate better with horses, life would be better not only for the horses but for people too. After discovering Monty’s Concepts he realized that there was a way to achieve this. Deciding to learn more he traveled initially to the UK to study with Kelly Marks, then to the MRILC in California to further his education in this trust based non-violent way of training horses and qualified as a Certified Monty Roberts’ Instructor in 2015. Padraic welcomes the opportunity to introduce people to Monty’s Concepts by running courses and clinics in the future.

Martina Höbling


Martina has been working as an adult education trainer for the last 15 years. She has been around horses since the age of 12. Next to her main job she started working with horses and children with special needs. When she first got in touch with Monty’s Book „Horse Sense and Healing“ she was so fascinated about his methods, that she wanted to know more about it. So in 2008 she went to Monty’s Farm for the first time participating the Introductory Course. Finally, after working with Instructors from Denmark, Netherlands, Italy, Hungary, Germany, USA and Finland she became a certified Monty Roberts Instructor in 2015. She is now teaching Monty’s Methods in Austria. On top of this, Martina also has a qualification as a Horse Assisted Educator® in coaching people supported by horses and is successfully working as Horse Agility Accredited Trainer®. Her goal is, helping people and horses creating healthy partnerships on a trust-based communication.

Katelynn Hentzell

Nevada, USA

Katelynn was born and raised in Vegas and started riding when she was ten years old. Her passion for horses quickly became her lifestyle and she was consumed with everything equestrian. Even at a young age, she used a violent free way of training. At 13 she adopted a wild mustang and competed in the Mustang Makeover yearling edition where she placed 2nd. She continued training her mustang and competing in 4H while in school. She later acquired a love for barrel racing and now competes in local shows. She met Monty at Cowboy Christmas in Las Vegas in 2011 and soon after came to visit the farm. Her love for mustangs and young horses tied in perfectly with the Monty Robert's training method so she took her Introductory Course in October of 2012. She dedicated herself to learning and became an Instructor in May of 2015. Katelynn currently lives in Las Vegas where she offers courses and riding lessons.

Sarah Moore


Sarah attended her first Monty Roberts demonstration at age 11 and the experience opened her eyes to the relationship dynamic between horses and humans. This affected her approach to horses over the next 15 years of her life. Sarah progressed to the top of the Three-day Eventing scene by age 16, representing Ireland internationally. Sarah has competed in Dressage, Show Jumping and of course Eventing throughout her youth and adulthood. After graduating as a Structural Engineer at 23, Sarah had reconnected with Monty’s work at his ranch as a post-graduation holiday to complete her first Join-up course in summer 2008. So began her journey with Monty and his teachings. She completed her Advanced exams by August 2010, and in November 2013 she became a certified Monty Roberts Instructor.

Miguel Lupiano


Miguel Lupiano was born in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais/Brazil. Today he lives in Brasília, Brazil’s capital. He started dealing with horses when he was a child in his grandfather’s farm. He became a professional horse trainer at the age of seventeen. Since then it has been more than thirty years working with all breed of horses.After all those years, looking for the best techniques to deal with horses, Miguel became the first Latin American Monty Roberts Certified Instructor in April 2015. He had an opportunity to participate in the Horse Sense and Soldiers Clinic, and to bring those experiences to help people use the horse and the Join Up method somehow. Miguel’s location, right in the center of Brazil, allows him to travel throughout the country, South and Central America, to give courses and clinics, horse training, lectures, presentations and demonstrations, advices, projects and staff training.

Claire Connaghan


Claire Connaghan is from Donegal, in the North West of Ireland. She grew up having horses from a very young age and rides mostly English but loves the Western style, too. Her career with horses began with studies in equine science, which led her to work in the racing industry for 10 years. She then trained as a riding instructor and has worked in Australia on a stud farm and on a cattle station. On returning from Australia, she opened a trekking center, where she offered pony trekking and started and trained young horses. Claire is trained as a Certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist. She has always had a soft spot for Thoroughbreds, and when she’s not training horses at home she works in the thoroughbred sales industry in Ireland and the UK, which is where she wishes to help improve the miscommunications that sometimes leads to what people describe as behavioral problems. Claire began to specialize in Monty Roberts' methods in 2014 and completed her instructor certificate in 2016. She travels between the USA and Ireland alongside Monty training horses and offers courses from home in Donegal. She provides home visits to your yard to work with you and your horse. Claire was also certified as a Monty Roberts Lead-Up Instructor in 2018 to work with at-risk youth. Claire will return to Ireland in May 2019.

Rachel Malm


Rachel grew up loving horses, riding from age 3. Her grandfather and great grandfather were jockeys; it's fair to say this love for horses was in her blood. Born in Northern Ireland, Rachel spent her younger years competing with her own horses in showing and show jumping, then moved to England. At 15 she went to Maya Horsey’s farm for two weeks work experience to learn about Monty’s methods for training horses in a non-violent way. Rachel then attended Kingston Maurward College and also became BHS qualified. She spent 3 years in Germany at a Saddle Club then back to the UK to work for an International show-jumper. Next she spent 2 1/2 years in Australia backing and training young polo horses for professional polo players. Rachel began her training to become a certified Monty Roberts Instructor with Laira Gold in England and on to Flag Is Up Farms, being certified in 2016. Rachel is in Scotland with her 3 horses, competing regularly in show hunter classes and show-jumping and will continue spreading Monty’s word by running courses. She is also currently studying a BA in Child and Youth Studies and is keen to use Monty’s method for children and young people as a way to develop attachments, build trust, confidence and promote self-esteem.

Joanna Lowes

(Wales) UK

From South Wales, Jo spends much of the year travelling as Monty’s assistant. This role has given Jo hands-on experience with a huge number of horses across a broad spectrum of disciplines, in various parts of the world. Jo has acted as demonstration tour rider in the UK, Europe and Brazil and is a team member for Horse Sense and Healing Clinics in both the US and UK. Jo is passionate about showjumping and has recently started eventing. Jo hopes hold courses in the near future.

Melanie Zubillaga


Melanie was born and raised around horses in Venezuela and started playing polo at 10 years old, falling in love with the sport. Always curios about horses and training, Melanie went on to study Equine Science in Lexington, Kentucky and then moved to Argentina. Melanie worked under Polo horse trainer Polito (Carlos) Ulloa then wanting to expand her knowledge of non-violent training methods, she decided to start the Monty’s program in 2013 . Melanie received her certification May 2017 and plans to keep working with Polo horses in Argentina.

Caroline Collinson-Jones

United Kingdom

Caroline started riding as a small child. As a teenager she had a horse that was very tough to handle on the ground and became interested in Monty's methods. Years later she visited the farm to watch him work and decided to follow the instructor certification. She currently lives, works and teaches in the North London/Hertfordshire area. Her main passion is working with the rescues and the feral ones, turning them around.

Laura Roberts


Laura discovered her passion for horses as she grew up, spending as much time as possible around these animals. With her own horse she felt a strong connection and interest in learning more about horses, also besides riding. After school she started her education, studying at the Academy of Equinology for one year, working with different Trainers and Instructors around the Globe. She gained experience in disciplines like; Dressage and show jumping, Thoroughbred racing and working with Quarters and Paints riding reining. With this wide knowledge about horses and the horse industry she started her own business InterEquus, in cooperation with Denise Heinlein and Petra Moser in Bavaria, Germany where she offers lots of different courses and horse training, especially for starters and remedial horses.

Elina Enzian


Elina has always had a passion for horses and when she was 13 years old she got her first icelandic horse. Elina was 12 years old when she saw Monty Roberts for the first time in 2006 on a demo in Sweden. She became fascinated about the communication and the trust that comes with Join-Up. Two years later she took the first course in Sweden and has from that moment been following Monty's methods. In 2017 she reached her goal and became a Certified Monty Roberts Instructor. Elina is studying to become a recreation instructor at the moment and will be examined in 2018. She loves the work with children and her goal is to use the power of Join-Up to help children find their strength. Elina has her own homepage and company in Sweden and looking forward to hold clinics and courses to spread Monty's methods around the country.

Valaurie Wettstein


Valaurie was born and raised in the countryside of Switzerland. Being around horses since she was 6 years old, she always knew that they were her greatest passion, and since then had the dream of moving along with her family, to her mother’s home country Canada, to open a Guest Ranch with lots of animals, especially horses. This was finally a reality in October 2016. Wanting to help Monty Roberts on his mission of leaving the world a better place for horses and people, she started studying his methods and learning about the language Equus in 2014. She completed her final steps of becoming a certified Monty Roberts Instructor in May 2018. Back in British Columbia, Canada she will be offering a variety of courses based on Monty Roberts’ non-violent horse training methods and helping horse owners with their horses, creating a 50/50 partnership based on trust, confidence and no violence.

Simon Marrier d'Unienville

South Africa

Simon became the first Monty Roberts Certified Instructor in Africa in August 2018. Born in Durban, South Africa, he spent his youth (trail) riding horses in the Drakensburg Mountains and playing polocrosse on his school team. Simon works with starting and schooling young horses at his homestead, Equiville Manor, in Johannesburg, South Africa. Simon’s passion lies in teaching and working with at-risk youth. Through his non-profit, Horses 4 Hope, he is developing programs using the Monty Roberts methods to reduce human-to-human and human-to-animal violence in South Africa and across the rest of Africa. Simon will be holding introductory and short courses both in South Africa and around Africa to help train future Monty Roberts instructors and further spread Monty’s non-violent methods across the continent.

Mimi Zitzewitz


Mimi started riding as a four year old in Germany. When she was seven she moved to Uruguay where she lived on a ranch with many horses. It didn’t take long until she witnessed how horses were ‘broken in.’ Seeing how violently horses were treated, she swore to herself to find a better method and change the way horses were trained. A couple of years later, she researched Monty Roberts’ work, knowing there was a lot more to learn. In 2014 she went to Flag Is Up Farms to study at the Monty Roberts International Learning Center. After that she was determined to keep working to became an instructor, which she accomplished in May 2018. Mimi has competed in Show Jumping and Eventing and has worked with untouched horses at a ranch in Uruguay. Now she is studying veterinary medicine in Europe.

Sanna Nilsson


When Monty came to Sweden for the first time I went to see his demo. I saw something I had never seen before, a unique communication based on both his and the horses terms. I have been a hobby rider all my life and felt that something was missing in the communication between a human and a horse. When I saw Monty´s demo I knew what to search for. All this became very obvious when I bought a tricky young Thoroughbred that required a soft approach in order to get things done in a safe way for both of us. I applied his methods and it worked perfectly. I decided to make a change in my life after spending my whole working life in the corporate world.  I became a student again. I took the Monty Roberts Introductory course in Sweden with Ann Lindberg in 2014 and went on to do all the remaining exams and courses at Monty’s Flag Is Up Farms in Solvang, California.  I got my instructor certification in March 2018.  I am a believer of the method Join-Up® and I am determined to make this world a better place for horses and humans. I have been using the method with refugee children and horses in Stockholm and could see an improvement in the behavior of the children. I want to introduce the Join-Up® method to people through the Lead-Up program and show them how to better understand horses to improve their communication skills and gain confidence. I am based in Stockholm and Gotland.

Jamie Jennings

United States

Jamie Jennings was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. Jamie has lived all over the country, and as a military wife, spent the last ten years in Arizona. She had been training horses and people for years, but upon seeing Monty’s methods at a demonstration, she wanted to learn more. From there, she was able to travel to Flag Is Up Farms multiple times, spending ample time with Monty and all of the wonderful instructors there. She received her certification summer of 2018. Jamie and her husband, Chad, relocated their facility, Flyover Farm, to Norman, Oklahoma in the fall of 2018 and now she offers Monty’s courses too. Jamie competes in the sport of 3 Day Eventing, and has competed all across the country. Her favorite thing is transitioning horses off the racetrack to their second careers, and also has a deep love for mustangs. Jamie is also the host of the podcast, Horses in the Morning, on the Horse Radio Network.

Manjeev Chaudhary


Manjeev became a certified Monty Roberts instructor in 2019, becoming the first (and currently only) Monty Roberts instructor in the whole of Asia. He is based in New Delhi, India and travels around to train both people and horses. His main focus is pre-starting young Thoroughbred horses using Join-Up® and other Monty Roberts methods before they head to the racetrack, a concept that is completely new in India. A keen polo player, he is also involved in working with polo horses and has been applying Monty Roberts methods to facilitate converting ex-race horses as well as the local indigenous breed, the Marwari horse, into playing polo. He also focuses on training students and grooms and is offering courses in Monty’s concepts.

Malin Rehnby


Malin was born in the south of Sweden. Her first encounter with horses was at the early age, at the local riding school. From that moment she realised she wanted to be around horses. Today she has her own stables, Olseryds Farm. For ten years Malin has offered board for horses of all ages and gender, as well as horse training, helping with loading issues as well as handling of youngsters. Malin first came in contact with Monty in 2008. In 2019 she fulfilled her dream of being a Monty Roberts Certified Instructor. In addition to working on the farm, she also teaches in a school for children with special needs such as autism, ADHD and PTSD.