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Horse Behavior and Training

11 month old scared gelding


I have a 11 month old gelding, I have had him since he was 6 months old? Prior to this he had absolutely no human contact, he had never seen a head collar let alone been lead around. Up to now I have managed to teach him to have his feet picked out (he sometimes kicks out, but this is only occasionally) I can literally throw rugs on him and he doesn't care anymore, he will wait at the stable door for the most part and we are working on him stepping back when someone enters his stable. The major problem I am having at the minute is he occasionally takes major strops when I am leading him, bucking, rearing, trying to take off, trying to run over the top of me. Up to now I have hung on to the long rope and he hasn't managed to get away but this is starting to become a problem because he is already 15hh and he is getting stronger. I currently have to walk past a pile of metal fencing and he freaks out every time, I have tried taking him to see it, picking up grass from around it and feeding him it, taking my other horse to it to show him it's not that scary but nothing works, he just takes a temper tantrum out of being scared or just temper, starts bucking, rearing and trying to run away, he is becoming dangerous, I have had countless bruises and he nearly flattened me tonight. He is normally such a sweetie but I don't know how to handle this, I have had horses for the last 10 years, but never one this young, I am determined to keep him and school him but I also don't want anyone getting hurt by him? Some people at my yard have suggested I give him a good crack with a riding crop but I won't use violence against any animal. So any suggestions anyone has for me would be great! I will try practically anything.


Forgot to mention, I lead him in a dually head collar!

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Good for you for not hitting him- it will only make matters worse. You say you lead him with the Dually, have you worked the dually steps with him or done a join-up with him? If not, I would suggest a join-up and then work the dually steps with him. Once he has joined up with you he will trust you more to lead him past scary horse eatng fences. One more thing, do you anticpate he will be afraid? Wehn you aticipate his fear you may start to increase your own hear rate and your breathing maybe start to becoem shallow all of these involuntary reactions in you will only confirm to him that fences do eat horses.. Also watch the spookey kadina video lessons-it shows great insight into working around very spooky horses
Be careful, be strong , be the leader he needs and keep going without viloence.
I admire your perseverence