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Horse Behavior and Training

Title Date By Replies
PTSD in a pony krista67bruce 1
Untouched 2 yo rescue mare very resistant to Join-up and touch GinahCalkins 2
New Mustang 2
Rearing with dually halter dimity 1
Are there horses who hate groundwork? MamaBear 1
"Patience Poles" MamaBear 0
Join up clock position nathanielbowman6677 1
Join up ring nathanielbowman6677 0
horse behaviour when it is very cold Malina 8
Help with Buddy Sour Horse uxdesignam 1
Close Companionship Gogreenroofing1 2
long lining LindaR 6
Trailer Issue kathymw 2
horse spooks from gravel nathanielbowman6677 4
Need advice please about buddy sour if that is what I'm experiencing or not Kimberley 3
Training plan for an untouched youngster jrizz512 2
Horse memory and balking jdm6993 1
Starting my horse again Julie_G 4
Bucking and Steers joanjensen07 1
Halter Size for Young Mustang Talia Stewart(Arkansas,USA) 6
stopping correctly in-hand Julie_G 1
Pawing sara.garrett 6
Bolting lauragreen611 1
Need Help Car Accident ljmellin1972 3
I've tried everything in a gentle way... and still my horse will not do as I ask tlsalon3 5