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My Join-Up® Experience

1st join-up with 20 yr, angry & abused TB


this horse gets upset if you even look at him, much less approach him with halter and lead, so our 1st attempt was with minimal eye contact, carrying, but not throwing the line. i sent him away by raising an open hand, when i checked to see if his eyes were on, believe me, i would be dead if looks could kill! did 5 laps right, change of direction at 12 o'clock, 5 laps left, change of direction, then got ears and smaller circle. i closed my hand and lowered it, he lowered his head, but when i looked at him he went zoom, zoom, zoom. i had to completely go passive, NO EYE CONTACT, and even then his feet would not stop moving! so i let him circle me and we made a mutual join-up at 6 o'clock near the gate. then i got the lick and chew:) i faced him and rubbed him between the eyes and told him he was a good boy. he only gave me a couple steps of follow-up, but that's ok!! we'll do better next time!

julie m.
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Good job on judging what your horse could tolerate. As you go along and do more, you will probably find that he relaxes and you can more closely follow the regular routine of eyes on eyes, etc. TB's can be very sensitive to pressure so continue to gauge your movements and use the lightest pressure possible to get the desired result. Move slow and easy, and adrenaline down. Also, remember to give him lavish praise for ANY try when you ask him for something. And keep yourself safe-wear gloves, proper shoes and a safety helmet at least until he shows signs of mellowing and trusting you.

Thanks for taking this guy in. It warms my heart to hear about folks like you taking on a horse in such need of a good home. Good luck!


Thanks for the encouragement Julie!

Please upload your photo

So proud of you. Congrats:-)