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My Join-Up® Experience

Share the good, bad and the funny!

Title Date By Replies
Won't walk through different gate of round pen morningdoves1970 1
Naughty Nulla Kazza 1
super buddy clingy horse Flyndreambordercollies 1
Monty,Pat and Debbie annekirk 2
Natural join up hvildo 0
Join Up With Father Daughter Gogreenroofing1 2
Join Up - Interesting Occurence wellnesswisdom4 2
Maddy Larry the Logger 0
Mariposa annekirk 1
Monty annekirk 3
Fantastic, really pleased with both of mine and the hand gestures really work! Natural + Free 0
Wont put head down during join up in a round pen dave 7
Lazy introvert horse and join up joanna.kucharska 4
join up fail sally_murdoch 6
My yearling won’t let his off side near me Tinylife89 2
Join-Up question loriann2378 0
Shattered His Trust Tara 9
Join up without af round pen. joanjensen07 0
Can you join up with a horse that is already trained? jlancia25 2
Gelding Pasture Agression Csbmedcoding 0
Mijo and Mija Tara 1
Removing Ice From Feet kathymw 4
Refusal to Move Out kathymw 3
When should I try the first join-up? Laura Lachhein, Puyehue, Chile 11
Happy join up experience Simona.Barzu 1