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My Join-Up® Experience

2 first join ups not so..what went wrong

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Hi. Had my first join ups today. Thought Iw ould take our pony in first as she is a good girl and very sweet. I thought it would give me more confidence as I went up in height to our 15.3 cob. Firstly she wouldn't go away from me despite the eye contact. slapping of shoulders etc. Then when she did go she went like a rocket going all over the school. I tried to get behind her but she was going so fast she was sideways going round in a circle. She then napped to the gate and I couldn't get her away. She calm down eventually, I think she ran out of steam. Once she was calmer I let her turn in to me and she followed me round for a while but was much more interested in the gate. I then took our 14.2 in and he was a dream. Did everything text book. He didn't lick his lips but he followed me round the school like a dream. So all in all good and bad but any help with the 'rocket' pony I would be grateful.x Karen x

renjaho - Hamburg, Germany
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Hi Karen!
Maybe you're right in the point that your "rocket-pony" just had to ran out of steam.
But maybe you have also been to aggressive? If you were TOO MUCH behind her (also if it didn't seemed so), you've frightened her too much! That would explain her large interest into the gate, because she wanted to flee out of the roundpen. I don't know if you used a rope to lengthen your arm, but if you used one before, I would maybe leave it out the next time. I can only tell you what Monty tells everybody who has problems with the Join-Up: Take a good friend with you who records your "work" (fun) on a video camera. Afterwards watch it and compare your behaviour with Monty's videos.

I hope I was able to help you.
Best wishes from Hamburg, Germany! Yours Jasmin