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Advice for the first rider, the perspective from the saddle

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Hi, I’ve been having a very passionate (in a good way) conversation with a friend about the first rider. I’ve been using Monty’s methods for some time now and getting to see the tells of horses in specific situations which in itself a valuable tool to have when handling horses. My friend works at a polo stable and is often faced in the situation that she has to start the horses quite quickly.

I advice people to look into Monty’s methods and getting familiar with Join-Up, especially if they have problems with their horses. I help them (the horses) where I can but eventually it’s up to the rider/owner to understand the techniques and tools I use (which I have learned from using Monty’s teachings). I recommend them to at least sign up for the Monty Roberts Online University and to get familiar how to use a Dually Halter. Most of them follow up on my advice and sign up for Monty’s Online University lessons. I also forward them the information of the nearest Certified Instructors to get hands on experience and lessons of Join-Up etc.

So me and my friend talked about starting young horses, exchanging stories how we approach the situation. We came across a question I didn’t find and answer for in the Online University.

What kind of rider should the first rider be and more importantly, how do you approach the situation when you don’t have the possibility to have someone helping you and you have to start the horse on your own? A video of the rider’s perspective and what to be ready for especially when doing it alone would be much appreciated.

I have been many times in this situation and had to rely on railings or fences where I would sit on and getting the horse to get used to my presence above the horse, then maybe rubbing its back from the fence, later on maybe having one foot over its back with just a bit of pressure on the back and lastly halfway sitting on the horse but keeping a hand on the rail/fence in the event the horse spooks or reacts in some way, so that I can safely pull myself off the horse with ease.

I want to have a safe way of being the first rider and to still do things correctly taking the horses needs into consideration. My first and foremost goal is to meet the horses needs in any situation even if it means not seeing eye to eye with everyone I work with, with still being respectful to people. I want to help the horse and the owners to become better horsemen/-women.

Thank you Monty Roberts for all the contributions you have done in the horse community!

Best Regards,