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University Suggestion Box

Tell us the lessons you’d like to see on the Uni.

Title Date By Replies
Horses biting the rope- MamaBear 2
Why use a long rope instead of lunge whip? MamaBear 1
Preparing for Join Up or other lessons in a ring jamiehblack 2
The horse that turns towards you MamaBear 1
Ridden Problem-Solving MamaBear 0
Selecting and helping Lesson horses thrive MamaBear 0
Biting horse grywlf6511 3
when is it too much? uxdesignam 2
Horses that avoid dewormer Lundquistka 3
Suggestion for Uni- More Ridden lessons MamaBear 0
Advice for the first rider, the perspective from the saddle Dom von Torda, Spain & Finland 0
Part 1 - Rudiments of Training to Stop Video Incorrect rossimichaelsteven 5
Is Scolding Not Force? NM 6
Bubble Wrap Challenge rechorsecookie 1
Is there an app for the online university? kmholcomb73 3
Preparing Horse For Shots Amberpony - California, USA 4
Affiliated Products Reigning Phoenix 1
Lesson Suggestion: Putting Together Horse Tack TeaginGreen 1
My horse intimidates by turning her rump as if to kick krista jane 10
Rushing Horses when Jumping Reigning Phoenix 0
Bareback riding and bareback pads allmyphonestuff 5
Training Long & Low (Rounding / Framing) Without Tie-Downs Reigning Phoenix 0
The Barn Or Buddy Sour Horse tmzick 8
Suggestion for Uni Lesson - Barn and Buddy Sour Metallic Chex 6
First USE of the bit annekirk 19