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Horse Care and Comfort

ARGH MITES ! need help and information


Hi there I've recently noticed that Monti has been stamping with his right hind leg quite a lot and today with the farrier he was very reluctant to have that leg held, the farrier said it's probably mites in which case I need to get it treated so tonigt I've been looking on the internet and there are so many treatments I don't know where to start a popular one seems to be pig oil and sulphur.

Has anyone out there got any suggestions? He hasn't got a lot of feather but I'm happy to clip it if need be.

Gen (Queensland, Australia)
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Sulphur is great for biting insects. It repels ticks and biting flies. In light of that, I would think it would be worth giving it a go. I feed it to my horses and I never have to use sprays ever. Is the remedy for a topical application or to add to your horses feed? If its just talking about a topical application, I recommend you also add 1table spoon in your horses feed each day as well.
It works for us :-)
Kind regards,

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Frontline (for dogs) is widely used despite not licensed for horses.