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Horse Care and Comfort

Owning and caring for a horse.

Title Date By Replies
To Mask or Not to Mask kathymw 1
Trust issues diannermr 1
Can you stop a horse from pinning his ears and being aggressive to family members? kathymw 3
Should I own this horse? diannermr 2
When a horse experiences trauma in a trailer krista jane 9
Dually Halter as a Bitless Bridle Don Johnson 4
The final act of love... Kicki -- Sweden 7
Horse is ill pcarvercorso 14
Farrier Recommendations Near Santa Barbara MAJ 3
Wobblers markieawalker 4
Helen 90 years - rides again Kicki -- Sweden 5
Tail Rubbing Advice Angela P 4
Itchy feet- heel mite? dionne4210 - Denmark. 4
Dually halter size advice Rosalike 3
Preventing horse theft Lucie (france) 6
Checking For Pain Faith 1
Moving yards part 2 cobgirl 0
Moving yards cobgirl 3
Fly Eliminators 1
My horse rubs out her forelock HorseCraZ 7
Poor coat quality. star 4
The wonder of salt vicci - UK (North Wales) 2
Kicking rings/therapeutic massage rings renjaho - Hamburg, Germany 2
Back and Saddle Widgymaphlip 5