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Baby horse

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I have a 3 year old war blood baby and he won't go forward- he tends to buck off the rider and jump the containing fences and go wild. Any suggestions?
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Kicki -- Sweden
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Hi wlmaylin,

I'd love to try to help you but without more info there are way too many directions to go in. At this point it could be anything from girth issues to back problems to insufficient training before you backed him. 
My advice at this point would be to go back to the very beginning and sort through what and - most importantly - how things have been done. How did your horse receive the lessons? Have you worked anything according to Monty's advice on how to handle a young horse? Has it been smooth sailing up until now? 
If so, I would suggest to take him to a vet for thorough exam of mouth (teeth), poll and back, as well as a thorough check of equipment to rule out any problems that might cause him pain. 
Do get back to us with more information - and do take care!