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Am about to fence off a three-acre pasture and am wondering if Monty has made recommendations for the best type of fencing. My search shows many references to safe fencing and occasional recommendations of an electric tape, but has this topic been approached in more detail? Thanks for any help or suggestions!
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Hi NM. This is one of those questions where every answer can be right or wrong. Electric fencing is great - as a divider but not as a boundary fence. Batteries run down & mains supplies can fail, temporarily, so not best plan to rely on electricity. Also, horses that are really sensitive can frighten themselves with electric fencing ( like my Humphrey who lost 2 whole years due to tendon/ligament damage from yerking  away from electric fencing ).  I rent summer & winter turn out fields. Both are designed for sheep & cattle. They are fenced with sheep wire, squares which get larger higher up with barbed wire lines above on wooden posts. This works fine for my guys coz they haven't got big feet. Monty favours wooden posts with heavy mess wire - like chicken wire but much more heavy duty. It's safer as no horse can catch a foot in it but it's costly to install. Railed fencing is traditional but is expensive & invites jumping from one paddock to another. Ecologically a wire fence back by a layed hedge probably comes first. The wire does the job whilst the hedge matures. Laying the peaking parts thickens the lower defence whilst letting the hedge sprout & spread into a formidable obstacle. All the while, wildlife an use the hedge to their advantage. There is one other possibility - recycled plastic posts. These are available in Scotland. They are virtually indestructible, about £10 each & offer something unique. I hope this information helps you decide which way you want to go with your 3 acre area. Cheers, Jo.