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My QH Grullo, age 4.5 is now dipping his head so low when time to bit up that I have to go down to the ground to start bridling. I know its an avoidance action but when he feels my hand between his ears, thats how low he goes. of course there is nothing on his head to pull him back up a bit.Then he turns his head to the side real low. I am 6ft.
Does anyone else have this problem?? Pa girl

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I assume you are using a snaffle bit which is mild but can be uncomfortable to horses. Their teeth my need floating or the bridle may be too tight. Monty has a lesson on bridling head shy horses which I found to be terrific.. He uses honey on the bit and lets the horse mouth it with out the bridle. After a number of times doing this he then starts to use the bridle. Problem solved! Of course not being Monty it may take more lessons but it seemed to solve the problem and the horse was happy!