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Horse Behavior and Training

Bitless bridles and training

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I’ve been gentling horses most all my life but that’s horses who have been ‘broke’ now I’m wanting to start a new endeavour. Training with join up  and with follow up bitless with young untouched horses. Some have been badly treated and many are from kill pens but I’m not sure where to start. I mean it seems simple enough but as horses grow up and spend time just learning to be a horse with me some are just weaned foals that get dumped or left behind at feed lot some are only slightly older. So normally I let them find their ‘feet’ with my herd and and interact with them. I then start the process of doing slow introductions to other horse ‘stuff’. I do join up shortly after they arrive to make it easier for them to understand I’m their safe place but now I’ve see alot  with bitted bridles but not bitless. Suggestions?
Debbie Roberts Loucks, USA
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Welcome to Monty's Uni, Celtic.trojan. Its great you start with Join-Up in your training. Building that trust, everyone here will agree is priority #1. Its great you are rescuing these horses, thank you for caring.

From there, we start horses to the Dually Halter which also supports choice-based training. It twists when the horse resists against it, so they come off the discomfort (not pain but like a twist in your sock) and teach themselves the way forward to partner with you. 

This ground training translates to riding and you can use the Dually as a bitless bridle by the same concepts.