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Horse Care and Comfort

Checking For Pain

Hello! 100 lessons completed
Hi everyone.  

My horse experience is from 15 years ago, was mostly riding and we owned a sweet horse for my kids.  We really didn't experience many health issues in the consequently, I didn't learn as much as I would have liked for this new horse we purchased.  

Our new horse, a paint/arab a big sensitive soul...who seems the kindest, most giving horse I have ever met.  However, not only does he come from a string of handlers who were unsure about him (making him even more unsure)...but he has a small history of bucking.  Not major bucking.  Based on his guess is he is communicating pain.  

My question is...*what* do I look for?  And what kinds of things would I do about it?  Sorry if it sounds like a newbie question, its just that I never had to deal with it I don't know what I don't know.  Thanks in advance.

Hello! 100 lessons completed
Hi Faith, 
If I understood your question in the right way, I have some ideas. Bucking horses often have problems with their saddles. They do not fit, or they 
have saddle sorce. In worst case he may have kissing spines, which is really uncomfortable and painful for him. 
But there are so many reasons that may cause his bucking. I made the experience that checking the equipment, health, training, feeding and rearing may bring you closer to understand him. 
If it was my horse, I'd first make sure that he is completely healthy and then check the equipment! 
Good luck!