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Horse Behavior and Training

Close Companionship

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I got two Morgan rescues a mare 5 gelding 7 that are inseparable. During learning with the mare the gelding goes absolutely stressed. Our property isn’t big enough to fully separate during learning sessions and really don’t know what would take place if we separated all together during this time, they are hyper connected and stress bad when separated. Any suggestions ? They are very gentle horses mare however has never been ridden or join up, still friendly though and needs work
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Hi. Welcome to the Uni. I've been here a while so here's what I think - I have 2 homebreds & a field. Yes, we now have an electric fence but other than a storage trailer for hay that's it,  I've taught my youngsters all they know in sessions of 10 to 15 minutes with the family all around. You don't need to separate. In fact, that bond can help you, use it. If you can join up with both, which happened to me by accident, you have a very valuable tool! Monty's system works. It's so much better than anything else on offer so, don't loose heart. Try both together. At best, it's twice the plus/trust for half the effort, at worst, it's a bump in the road, an Idea that didn't work out for you. Don't look for hiccups, go with the flow! Horses are very like humans, they like to flow with the crowd coz your less likely than be pinpointed/predatored that way. Keep things simple, that really works & quit quick once you get any keep nod of cooperation. Keep us updated on how you get on. Cheers, Jo.
Thank you will give it a try