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Horse Care and Comfort

companionship and bears

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Last September I got a sweet little 2 year old quarterhorse filly. I cant keep her where I live, but a friend has an old ranch near here that has been empty for several years, there is more than 90 acres, plenty of water, but its overgrown with trees and brush. He said if we keep the fences up and clear out some of the brush, we can have horses there. So I got my Princess. But its a rather wild place, and she had never been by herself before, so I spent every day, all day, with her, doing some training and just hanging out with her. But I couldnt be with her at night, so kept her in the corral. She was a bit scared, and for good reason, I went out checking fence one day and saw 3 bears. She had been following me, as usual, but took off when she saw them. This concerned me, so I took a chainsaw and startted clearing out some of the trees and brush where they were hanging out, but my saw is electric and the cords didnt reach very far. Then my husband got a big, 12 year old quarterhorse mustang cross gelding, so she wouldnt be alone anymore. And he brought his gas chainsaw and cut more brush. What with all the noise, the bears left. Now both horses are happy, but my Princess still would rather be with me than Emmett. We have another guy who comes to cut wood, so are hoping he will get enough of the cover out so the bears dont come back. But Princess isnt afraid anymore since Emmett is there with her. He is well trained, gentle and friendly, and I am hoping he will help train her. Both of them are calm and not a bit spooky. The only thing I ever saw Princess spook from was the bears, but they spooked me too. She doesnt seem to mind if Jim takes Emmett out, if I am with her, but Emmett has a fit if she gets out of his sight. He acts like a big brother who takes his responsibility very seriously.

MaggieF, Melbourne - Australia
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Wow! Poor Princess!! I am pleased we don't have bears in Australia. Do hope all that activity and hard work has scared them away permanently!