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Horse Behavior and Training

Cross Ties

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We have just got our first horse and I am really trying to work with Monty's methods... my question is, once I've received my Dually halter, do you use this halter when you have your horse on cross ties? Our guy is tossing his head a lot and not standing still so I want to make sure we take the right approach to teaching him...


You NEVER tie a horse with a dually halter!

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You could cross tie with the halter rings (so long as the horse is attended), but never with the training rings. The cross ties could do great damage to the nose if the horse were to pull against them when attached to the training rings.

Debbie Roberts Loucks, USA
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Please review Monty's Dually Halter lessons and especially the Standing Still video.
The Dually works well for this and, once trained, your horse can even stand without being tied up (but not left unattended of course :))