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Horse Care and Comfort

Deaf horse seperation anxiety


I have a horse that is totally deaf and has the most terrible seperation anxiety. I am managing his situation as best I can, by having him in a field alongside his companions but seperated by elec fencing sited with moveable posts - otherwise he tends to 'charge' the person coming into field to remove the companion. He is not alone at night, as either has company as said b4 in field, or alongside in stable block. However, if no companions present for a period during the day, he breaks through fencing and runs riot. He is in a good routine, coming into his stable when necessary and with his field mate alongside for comfort. Mostly, he is not alone when in the field but obviously there are times when he is due to others out hacking (I am very fortunate that my friends are so tolerant and understanding of his situation and support me as best they can). I am at my wits end as to what to do to settle and contain him. He's a big guy of 17hh and seems capable of escaping through even the tallest elec fence posts. Please HELP!!!

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Wow.... That sounds intense! I know in these tough times, it's hard to spend a lot of money, but would it be possible to buy/lease a companion horse? Or maybe you have a friend that has a horse they could keep next to/with you? Have you tried toys yet? My horse likes jolly balls and likits, I just give one of them to him whenever I want to distract him.

I hope you find something that will help!

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I wonder if the deafness actually makes his anxiety worse or not?The ball is a great idea,if he is a playful sort who could get involved with it.Interested to hear how you get on .I am in tedious situation with separation anxious horse too!