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Horse Behavior and Training

Does my horse want to tell me something? Please help me understand it.


I have a 15 years old Arabian gelding and I own him for over 8 months now. His previous owner had him from day 1 and looked after him very nicely. Recently I have started noticing that when I visit him he bring his muzzle close to my abdomen and touches it. He does it few time while I am with him. He does not push me or try to bite me at all. Interestingly enough he started doing it with my 12 years old son but he does not do this to my wife and daughters.

My question is, is he trying to tell me something or just showing his affection with me (I hope)? I will be very much interested in your help.




Sounds like he wants treats!

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Sounds like could be a combination of looking for treats and giving affection...personally I love affectionate horses as long as they aren't pushy or nippy then you need to implement better ground manners and personal space. It could be that someone is hand feeding treats which I used to do until I listened to Monty address it and doesn't recommend it because you become food and they will try to find it by poking where they don't belong:) Arabians are very intelligent and affectionate congrats on your new friend!

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oh! Arabians are my favorites and yours (even if the picture is realy litle) seems gorgeous!

The filly I am saving my money for (a pure arabian of course)is realy affectionate, but she often push on you when she whant you to rub her... I know that is a lack of respect, but can you, Stinsonclan explan to me how I can "implement better ground manners and personal space"?
(nobody is feeding her by hands)

For now, she is living 6h from my I dont see her often (mabe that is why...),but I plan to purchase her very soon and keep her closer to me!
Thanks in advance for your help!

Hello! 100 lessons completed 150 lessons completed 200 lessons completed 250 lessons completed 300 lessons completed 350 lessons completed

Hi Lisa-claudia what a beautiful filly!!! I have learned from Monty that ground manners are often skipped and many people fail to work with their horses in this manner with being under saddle becoming the focus but he explains how important and foundational for your horse to listen to you from the ground. After all they are 1200 pound animals that if not careful could nudge ya to the ground unexpectadley!. That being said I have had great success in using the Dually with the horses I work with in creating what Monty calls the sweet spot (please watch the lessons on the UNI working with the Duallyand creating the sweet spot) where the horse walks with you with your shoulder at His head and stops in the same manner and stands still when you ask which by the way is the number one and most dangerous thing that can happen if a horse moves while you are mounting sooooo it is imperitive that their ground manners be respectful. This foundation of partnering with your horse form the ground will be a wonderful start for you and your soon to be new filly! Hope this helps:)


Is it the animal's muzzle or actually his forehead? Placing the front of the face on your torso, means "I care about you, " or I love you friend."


I would like to add a further description of "I care about you." They actually put their forehead on your torso, more so than the whole front of the face...sorry for the precious bad explanation.

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I have a horse named Kate who is part arabian, she does a couple things that I am really curious about. For awhile when should would first see me she would flip her head and neck which she still sometimes does, but now when I arrive she urinates. I'm just curious as to what these things mean. Can someone help me understand? Thanks