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Dually Halter Fit Question

Hello! 100 lessons completed
Hello everyone! I have a quick question about Dually Halter fit. I've got the red one for my yearling and he is getting close to needing to size up but not just yet. My question is, the halter is fitted to the best of my ability using the Uni lessons and I feel pretty confident about the fit when it is on my baby. However, It's very difficult to get the halter on him. I can't tell if it's because he's still got some winter coat around his head and his winter beard or if it's because I do have it adjusted too tight and I am wrong about the fit. Also, any hits for keeping the soft band open when pulling the halter on? Thank you in advanced for any advice!
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Hi Meg. Putting on a Dually is different from a normal halter. I'm right handed & I do it just like Monty does. Buckle end loose, strap end in right hand. Right hand over top of neck -horse needs to have head quite low for this. Catch buckle in left hand, but lower than your right hand - so Dually is higher on the right ( squint to the muzzle ). Gently pull up right then left so the Dually works its way up the horses face. This stops the two ropes getting snagged on the muzzle. An alternative is to undo the front nose strap completely so only the two soft ropes need to travel up he horses face. I've found it easier to put the Dually on & then refit each time - as you say winter coats can change the size/shape & youngsters grow. The fitting is quite straightforward. Strap to buckle runs directly down the head in a line ( from back of ears to, in line with, the highest part of the lips ) & the back & front nose bands adjust to achieve that, snug ( touching ) but not tight & a fraction below the cheek bone.  Hope this helps. Cheers, Jo.
Hello! 100 lessons completed
Thanks Jo, that helps a lot!