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Horse Behavior and Training

Dually Halter Success!! - Almost!


I have purchased 3 Dually halters - one for my 5 year old Arabian mare (who acts as if she has had one all her life!),
and one for my 2 part Arabian yearlings.

The babies have historically leaded very nicely, when they wanted to, but on their terms (my fault - too much time at work and not enough time with my horeses). But since I have been using the Dually there has been a massive improvement -Thankyou Monty!!

The filly has become the sweetest little girl, and she is so smart. It took me hardly any time to teach her to stay in the sweet spot, and I only have to very gently ask her to step back when she walks a bit too far forward. She's doing all the right things.

My colt however is a bit more of a challenge! He will happily follow me now, but he is always taking the slack in the rope part of the noseband and biting and chewing on it - so there really is no "play" in it. I don't want to pull it out of his mouth incase it hurts him, especially as he manages to get the ring in his mouth as well. Has anyone else had this problem? He is incredibly sweet (albeit quite cheeky), but he seems to spend more time sucking on the rope noseband than paying attention to what is going on.


Miriam (Holland&Germany)
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Hi Cherie,
I had this problem with an Arabian 4 year old, wrote about it on this Uni and had great success with the help and suggestions from other students here, so check it out in the trainingsection. Title should be something like " horse takes trainingring in mouth ".
Young males seem to have this tendency, patience and consequense is the road to take.
Good luck and let us know how you're doing,


Thanks Miriam, I'll check it out.