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Horse Behavior and Training

Easy loader

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My mare is the easiest loader for travel. We use . Step up model. 
The first thing we do is get the trailer ready. 
1) We hang a net of hay.
2) We put a halter on her.
3) Her lead rope
4) Walk straight into the trailer not looking back, no nonsense, no begging, no pulling. Straight on, tied. Ready to go in seconds.
If its a long trip we stop to check on her. If it's really far stop, walk and reload.
No problems. We do not give into any phobias sh. May have.
A smooth and gentle approach.
We do this around 5 times the first time, after that there have been no issues.
How about anyone about anyone else out there.
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Hi Star. Well done. Loading is all about confidence - the horses confidence. Confidence that it's safe to go into the 'metal cave', confidence that, when the metal cave moves, comfortable travel results - no jerking away or careless cornering. No heatwaves or nasty drafts. No extended periods without food or water & last but not least, not every journey resulting in lots of work. Horses learn really quickly so use your transport wisely, not just to go to places the human values. Horses love variety so rather than only transporting them to shows or events, arrange a nice ride with others somewhere different, the beach, the hills - have a NO PRESSURE day out now & again. Just go somewhere for a nice ride or even to a new pasture for a break/vacation. If you have a horse who is a bit sceptical of the trailer get a front unload, open it all up & make walking through part of the normal loading process. I did this with my Miss Moley & she now loads me through the trailer, turning on the front ramp to ask why I'm so far behind. She's gone from 'Hell NO' to 'Let's Go'! Cheers, Jo.