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My Join-Up® Experience

Fantastic, really pleased with both of mine and the hand gestures really work!

I'd been doing join up since 2002/2003 without even realising it. I was the only groom on a privet dressage yard of 7 horses and on bad weather days there was no turnout so on those day's every morning I'd take them into the indoor area and shut the door, let them have a roll then started to do what I thought was just exercising them freely no lines no equipment.
When they had got a leg stretch I obviously stopped and at first just turned away and walked towards the poo picker on lt to find that every one of them would be behind me in seconds (bare in mind I was 17 and had no idea what join up was) and they used to keep following me so I started having fun and breaking in to a little jog only for them to start trotting up to the side but behind me every time.
There was one special horse that I had a strong bond with and rode him a lot , and one day after having fun with him following me I crouched right down to the ground and started playing with the sand, only for him to get down right next to me roll! 
After that I started getting on him bareback no saddle no bridle and walk and trot round the area! It was our secret playtime and I loved it!

Thankyou 'Harry Bear' for the trust and the fun