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Horse Care and Comfort

Farrier South Western NSW, Australia?

Hello! 100 lessons completed

Hi! Can any Australian members recommend a farrier in south-western NSW? My usual farrier lost his temper and kept hitting my 2 year old gelding in the stomach with his tools yesterday and made his nose bleed from rope burn from jerking on his halter. If I were a big burly bloke (not a short, chubby woman) I would have been very tempted to punch him in the nose to see how he liked it! I do have a Dually halter and my horse was wearing it, but it is only as good as the hands that are holding it! I don't use the only other local farrier I know of because he hit my neighbour's horse across the mouth WITH HIS RASP because he had tried to bite him 5 minutes earlier!!! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I feel so guilty for not standing up for my horse. I should have told him to just leave him unfinished and bugger off!