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Horse Care and Comfort

first horse

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I like this point in the list of possible comments in the forum because I would like to tell you that I started studying Monty's Method beside my wish to become an instructor because I wanted to be a good and responsible horse owner - one day. I picked Monty as my teacher and the first goal was to pass the Introductory Exam and feel at this point ready to be a good horse owner- still and for ever a learning horse owner but not anymore depending on some trainer or barn owner who tell you what to do or what to leave. Well, only now after many years of riding and about 6 years of studying Monty's Method (every minute when I am free from job and duties) with 44 years I feel ready for my first horse and I can feel I will find it soon ! Thank you Monty. Thank you.

Hello! 100 lessons completed

oo good luck, sounds like it will be a lucky horse that gets you as an owner! I've found owning a horse is such a rewarding experience, hope you find your dream partner soon.


Ahh, good for you Vio. You will enjoy everything you learn, so much, and so will your horse! Enjoy und viel spass!!

Dippy's mum

Good luck Vio. I hope you will find a friend like my Dippy. I knew she was the one as soon as I saw her photo on a web site advertising horses for sale. I rang the number and was told that she had been sold that day and the new owner was collecting her that weekend. On the Tuesday of the following week I received a call to tell me the buyer had not turned up and when they had rang her to find out why she had said she had changed her mind. I was told that as they had already paid a deposit they were willing to reduce the price by that amount as long as I could go and take a look at her soon and give them my decision. I went to see her the next day and fell in love with her immediately. I brought her home three days later and we have now been together for two and a half years. I consider myself the luckiest woman alive. I now have Dippy, Boo and Casper. Casper is the six month old foal to Boo who is a Welsh Section D/New Forest Pony. They are my joy, my stress relief and my most faithfull loyal and trusted friends.

Vio Berlin
Hello! 100 lessons completed 150 lessons completed 200 lessons completed 250 lessons completed 300 lessons completed 350 lessons completed 400 lessons completed

Hi Chaz, Paola and Dippy's mum ! Thank you for your comments and the good wishes. It's short before the end of the year and as I cannot come here as often as I want I have found your lines only now. No own horse until now - but as soon as it happens I'll let you now. Have fun studying and I am looking forward to come back to you with a million questions when "it has happened!" Vio Berlin


That is so great to hear! I'm just like you. I don't own a horse yet, but occasionally ride with friends. It has been a life-long dream of mine, but at 25 years old...I've had to follow priorities with my career and family. I was introduced to Monty and have been studying all of his work. I feel like I will be very prepared (at least mentally and emotionally!) when I finally get to meet my horse(s) someday. I have plans in the next year or so to finally adopt one. Although I don't get to practice what I learn all the time, watching Monty on video is more than I could have ever dreamed of doing with horses right now!! :) Good luck to you! Keep us updated! :)