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My Join-Up® Experience

First Join Up and First with my Horse


I was working at a theraputic riding ranch and that my friend owned and she would let me work with her horse when the lessons were over. She took the course at Flag is Up and was in a class that Monty himself taught. She showed me how the process worked (I had read it in the book and watched Monty in the Join-Up video several times) and then I tried it. Her horse had joined up with her many times and so my first time was pretty easy. I tried it with a few of her other horses and there was one that had no clue it seemed, but eventually did join up with me. The first time joining up was an awesome thing and it boosted my confidence to continue learning how to train horses.

I eventually bought a yearling from my friend and worked with her which was an arduous task. She had not been out of her pin for months and did not trust anyone. It took a couple of weeks working with her with the halter, leading and getting her away from the barn so we could make it down the short road to the round pin. Once there, I tried to lead her around in the pin and she turned and bit my on my shoulder. She had no trust whatsoever. I sent her away and we started the join up process. I did what I had seen Monty do and what my friend showed me to do, and I saw all the signs that she was ready. I turned and she joined up and all I could do was cry! I was so elated at what we had just accomplished I felt as Monty did the first time he joined up with Shy Boy in the wild. My horse is now going on 6 and we still work together and are riding on the trial and doing fun things in the arena. She is an awesome little gal and I absolutely love her!!


Lovely to hear about your experience and that you are having such fun with her ;-)