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My Join-Up® Experience

Help with Join-Up


I can do Join-up just fine with my Standardbred gelding. Him and I have been forming a very good connection. But as instructed not to "overdo" the Join-up with one particular horse I have tried it twice with my friend's Standardbred gelding. I orientate him with the ring, I get him to do 5 laps around clockwise, 5 counterclockwise and switch him back to clockwise and hold my hand up and drop it. His ear is on me, he drops his neck and his circles do get smaller but I have yet to get him to lick and chew. I don't push him because I know you are not to run them to a point of exhaustion, if he refuses to lick and chew I try walk slightly in front of him and cross my hand over my body and turn my back on him. He just will stand and stare at me. I don't know what else to do :( What am I doing wrong?

Rudi - Pratteln, Switzerland
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Some gestures and how to move you can learn only with a teacher, eventually you can watch the video lessons again, take a video of yourself. Basically you need the attention of the horse, then you should cross his midline. Sometimes waiting helps: you don't do nothing and finally the horse will decide to come to you. And some horses follow you only if you pull the side ring to cause the first step.


Thanks Rudi! I am thinking of going to Alberta where Tom Durocher and doing the Introductory course with him. I really enjoy this type of work with horses, groundwork is key!