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Horse Care and Comfort

horse eating her poop

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a friend told me the other day that she noticed my mare was eating her own poo, i caught her doing this today also ive never had a horse that eaten its own poop so researching on the internet i found it maybe a lack of something in her diet how can i find out what it is. as my horse is on full livery the yard supplies food etc but i would like to know how to find out wat she is lacking or can they do that out of habit boredom etc etc and is there naything i can give her to help her stop eating it as i dont think it can be good for her thanks in advance for your replies x

vicci - UK (North Wales)
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Its technical name is Coprophagy, it is normal for a foal to eat the mares droppings as it helps acquire the gut bacteria. However, in an older horse it is usually boredom. Is thi happening in her stable or in the field or both? How much turnout does she have (if stabled). It may be worth a quick chat with a vet to see if blood samples can be taken for analysis to rule out whether she is short on any minerals etc. but in the meantime explore whether the boredom is an issue for her and if so maybe some stable toys etc. may be needed. Good luck.

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thanks for the response she is turned out 24/7 so im guessing she is getting a bit bored i will invest in some toys ect and also get vet to take a blood sample to see if she is lacking minerals thanks again xx


Hi, usually if a horse eats it own poop it is because they are lacking in something. With horses being unable to roam and find there own vits and minerals they are so limited to what they can have. I study zoopharmancognosy (which is a process animals go through to self medicate) therefore, finding there own vits and minerals to suit there own individual needs. Not sure where you live but if you can find a qualified zoopharmacognosist in your area give them a call. They would have a varity of 100% natual remedies (and i mean 100% natural, not like what you get it made up supplements!) and they allow for your animal to self medicate and chose her own remedies and quantity that she takes. It may seem like a new form of therapy but its what animals have been doing since the dawn of time! And they know best! Give it ago, and your horse will get to chose whatever she likes, and make herself feel better! Good Luck! xxx

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thanks for the response im in spain so i will try my best to find a zoopharmanosist if there is one in the area thanks again for everyones advice x

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We have a bit of a weird one here. Our [now elderly] small pony has , for a few years now, a great taste for the poo of my welsh cob, just his, he doesn't eat his own, and there are a few others to choose from, but he's not interested in theirs either, just my cob. Even out riding if mine poos, dear daughter has to drag him away. It's as if mine has just pooped out a heap of delicious carrots or something. Anyone come across that before?

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Hi mel.bev I'm also in Spain, whereabouts are you ?
Ive also noticed that my spanish horses eat 'poo', but not
the horses that I bought with me from the UK & USA